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1 Jul. 2007 really, who needs insurance?

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I think more minions should mutiny.  Let’s just pause and imagine the potential chaos here…..  Low paid workers everywhere, tired of being treated like they are something less just because they have the crap jobs of society, just taking control and….. essentially throwing a monkey wrench in the works.  Generally making the people around them stop and notice how much of an effect these people really have on daily life.  The fast food workers would not be the only ones, naturally… I’m sure there are others who would be happy to take part.  What about teachers?  Granted not all of them are worth a fuck, but the good ones are worth more that gold and diamonds.  Someone who can inspire young people to be interested in more than themselves; that deserves good pay and a certain amount of creative leeway.  So what if students play hacky- sack in class once in a while…. if they are learning most of the time it shouldn’t matter.  What if these people started doing a little culture jamming?  From art graffiti in the halls to encouraging free thought and working outside the box.  “Class, today we’re talking about Shakespeare…. did you know he was bisexual?”  Imagine the attention that would get… positive or negative, it would jolt the kids out of their stupor for a moment at least.  It would also point out the fact that genius does not come in forms prescribed by our modern culture, and also that you can step outside of the norm and remain great and influential (even if it’s not till you’re dead).  Also that you don’t HAVE to be a genius to be great or even just feel great.  What a cool thing to teach kids.  What about garbagemen?  There is a book that discusses this idea in particular… “Lord of the Barnyard– The Arming of the Aware in the Cornbelt”  And although I did not finish this book, what I read was good (just not enough to hold me through whatever was going on in my life at the time; my d/h heartily recommends this one though and he did finish it).  It made me more grateful to the people who do these invisible jobs.  How fast do you think your trash would pile up if the good folks at the local dump stopped taking it away?  Little bit of a reality check?  Yup.  And yet, sometimes it’s not the people we serve, but the ones who supervise who treat us the worst.  Climber the other day was berating one of my coworkers (Animal) for making a sandwich wrong.  In front of everyone who was there, customers included, telling him he never makes the food right.  Is she so powerless in her personal life that she needs to lord over the minions to feel better?  Seems so.  Happily though, I was able to point out to her (also in front of everyone) that she was wrong or the trainers fucked up royally and mis- trained everyone…. just imagine my glee  She was most annoyed.  (50 points minions, 29 management….)  BTW, I think we’ve all pretty much agreed that when Babyluv leaves we’re just going to “climb right in and kick off our wooden shoes”, in the words of HumbleAss.  It is hard to be my age and feel good about having a job in fast food.  I work with people who are nearing retirement age, and the only thing they’ll get when they leave is a goodbye.  I think that’s crap.  They work hard, and it is hard sometimes.  The actual skill set is small and relatively easy to acquire, but it’s stressful just like any job.  We put up with people same as anywhere else, we put in our time and look forward to going home at the end of the day.  Why should these people not get something for spending 40 hours a week for 15-20-30- odd years making food and taking orders for and from strangers?  Why shouldn’t they at least get insurance?  Where I am, even the shift managers don’t get insurance, you have to be on salary for that.  And the crappy thing is– even if we were to make a move to change it, upper management would just bring in new people to take our places.  I know that a lot of people in fast food are kids, and possibly they have insurance and whatever.  Maybe they don’t need the higher pay, but then maybe they do.  Daddy-o will be 18 this month, and he has a rental with his girl and baby.  Shouldn’t he be eligible to get insurance?  What about Animal, he’s got a baby too.  He’s also under 21.  I know I can’t be working with the only under 21 dads in the area.  What about the others?  We had a girl who was 15 with a baby, trying to get it together,  and she might’ve lasted if the job had been worth enough to care about.  All Boyprince and the other Uppers seem to care about is the bottom line, and the minions are not on it.  How do we make these people matter?  How do you show corporate that they need to care about the minions, that it will ultimately increase the bottom line, even though it may decrease it to begin with?  I don’t think they care.  They are too shortsighted to care, I think.  (Otherwise they wouldn’t replace Babyluv with LavenderandLace….just my opinion though…)   And I know I harp on the fast food thing, but I’m also aware that this problem is everywhere.  Everyone has bills to pay, we’ve all got the odd medical issue. So what I’m talking about here is employers in general taking care of their minions.  My d/h has been at the same place about 7 years now, doing a fairly specialised job, and yet he has no insurance of any kind.  No-one in his shop does.  His boss doesn’t think he should have to provide it.  These guys are working with known carcinogens, nervous system toxins and generally toxic shit all around, but the boss doesn’t think they should be provided insurance.  Excuse me?  They do at least get the odd raise, if they go in and fight for it.  Talk about preparing for battle….  I know it is expensive to treat your minions well, but doesn’t it seem like it would be worth it to have happier people working for you?  Wouldn’t you want to do a better job if you were treated better?  I know I would.  Treat me well, and I’ll work my ass off for you.  Treat me like shit, and you get what you get.  I wonder what the upper management would think if they got to see my real work ethic… they think it’s good now.  And that’s at a relaxed pace.  Ah well, I guess we just have to make the best of it for now, and try to have a little fun while we’re at it.  I have to think that eventually something will give and things will change (even if people just stop eating fast food….)  I don’t know how it will happen, but I hope I’m around to see it and maybe give it a nudge in the right direction.  Peace ya’ll.


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