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1 Nov. 2009 Tricked!!

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Every year since my kid was old enough to go (so, like, 2 or something) we’ve gone out trick or treating with the same crew.  D/h or myself (or both if we’re not passing out candy) Monkey and Wolfman (and/or his wife if she feels like it) and their 2 kids.  We go in their (more candy lucrative) neighborhood.

Last year their daughter decided she was too old to trick or treat at the ripe old age of 13.  Poor thing.

So again this year we expected her to stay home.  However we did not expect the call half an hour before the start of trick or treat saying that Monkey’s friend had bailed out on him.  Wolfman was quite unhappy about this turn of events as he knew how disappointed Monkey would be and how much short notice would hamstring rescue efforts for the night.

I called around to see about some other company for the boy whilst begging for candy, and lo and behold no one was around.  Of course.  They were probably on the doorstep waiting for the ok to go hassle neighbors for sugar.  (‘Course in one case the kids were down with fevers, screaming in the background while I spoke with their mom.)  Which was nothing less than I expected.  So, out of sheer desperation I called my sister, expecting to hear that she was at a party and wouldn’t be able to come with.  But.

(My sister rules.)

She says instead: Yeah, I’ll be over in a few.

And so it was that after the tears of anger, disappointment, and frustration Monkey was able to grin (and snicker at me in my dog nose and ears) and lope joyfully from house to house with Boo (cause I didn’t want to get told off for being ‘a grown up begging candy’ and she still looks young enough) and talk trash about all the candy he’s gotten this year and in years previous, and a good time was had by all.

Boo even left most of her candy with us.  Now I just have to figure out where to stash it all.

Here’s hoping everyone else’s Halloween turned out as well as ours did.  We got great pictures, tons of candy, and wonderful memories.  You can’t beat that.


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