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1 Oct. 2007 on the merits of not being zombified..

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I have to say, this taking over the world bit requires a tad more sleep than I recall.  It’s so strange to be in bed by 9:30.  Like flashing back to childhood or something.  But I have figured out that this is KEY.  If I stay up late (and at this point 10:00 is late– does that suck or what?) I’m an absolutely miserable zombie the next day.  Unhappy zombie = unhappy victims.  On the upside, my grease and fast food intake has dropped to nil.  My heart is thanking me, I can feel it….  Librarianism is cool, but occasionally odd.  Like today, there was a kid trying to scam us for a library card.  Ummm, they’re free….  And it’s not all complicated to get one…. but I guess the key issue was that if you’re underage, a parent has to sign for it.  Apparently this is a problem.  — Also, you’re girlfriend may act like your mom, but she’s not; and if you wish she was, then you need more than a library card my friend…  On my second day, I had a guy tell me and the fella training me that he “hopes we die”.  ‘Cause he couldn’t check his stuff out with no card or id.  Well bud, I’m pretty sure that eventually you’ll get your wish.  Then on the way out, he has the nerve to turn around and ask if we can hold his stuff for him!  People are great….  Even with the weird shit like that though, it’s still a million times better than the grease pit.  It occurred to me while I was checking some books in today that I was at the library instead of the grease pit getting gross, and I think my grin disturbed the patron waiting at the counter.  Must have been my eeevil face!  I’m adjusting fairly well to the schedule change, but I think I’d do better in a vampire library or something like that…. But then, maybe I underestimate myself– I’ve only hit the snooze a few times (maybe twice each morn) as opposed to the hour and a half I used to hit it for.  Mmmm, sleeeeeep….zzzz…..  Alrighty, time to go cram some more activity into the day before bed– let’s see, laundry, dinner (thank gods I don’t have to go to soccer practice tonight!), dishes….  Yeeehaaww.


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