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10 Oct. 2008 how did this happen?

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I have a puppy.  Not had- implying I gave birth (that would be kittens, and I think d/h almost had them when I demanded we keep the pup til he found a good home- probably ours….).  So.  I think it’s been 3 weeks now and he’s officially ours and I’m still surprised.  I think we’ve bonded, George and I.  Yes, it’s kind of freakish, but there it is.  Mooch is horribly jealous, but doing relatively well with it.  She hasn’t eaten him yet and I even caught her cuddling with him the other day (she said he wouldn’t get out of her nest, but I could tell she didn’t care he was there…)  I just have to remember that she can be bribed with biscuits and couch time.  Mostly it’s nice having george around.  It is unfortunate that he demands to be taken potty at 5 am regardless of what day it is.  We’re having difficulty explaining the concept of a lie in or a day off to him.  He just thinks it means playtime in the bed or yap your head off.  We’ll get it sorted eventually.  Soon.
So this week at work has been absolutely freakish.  Coworkers kept asking me if it was a full moon and the best I can come up with is ‘Nope, apparently Mercury in retrograde can make people act like compleat idiots too though….’  Now admittedly, it has been a while since anyone wigged out on me over a tiny fine.*  But this week has just been a real winner.  Something to this effect:
Me: ‘you have a .50 cent fine on the card’
Me (in the back room): ‘If I had known it would be like that, I’d have added on another $50.00, ASSHOLE!!
Unfortunately for me there is no way for me to randomly add on a huge fine and I have to go away from the patrons to actually say what I think, but all the other librarians (at least the circulation staff) understand and are sympathetic to my tourettes-like shouting.  I swear, people must think we just spend the day adding on 10 or 50 cent fines to their cards just to fuck with them.  Like we have nothing else to do.  Like there’s not a man on the phone screaming at us cause his sister is using our computers to find new and interesting ways to off herself.  So what -exactly- can we do about that -legally-, hm?  OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD.  Or the woman who came in for a card and insists that it’s her identical twin WITH THE EXACT SAME NAME who owes that 30 dollar fine.
Who, other than George Foreman, would do this to their child?  Also, if you’re going to do it (stupid though I may think it is), at least give them a way to tell one from the other on paper.  Chrissakes, we wouldn’t be able to tell without both of them in front of us anyway.  She had her sister call us (after she left) to tell us – wait for it….. ‘she never had those books and she returned them on time.’  Ummmmm… how the Fuck do you return something you never had?      Just checking.  Really.  People amaze me.  And, once more I had a man drop 50 bucks on a fee and not even grimace.  Gave me absolutely no shit about it, told me to have a nice night (politely) and went to find some movies to borrow.  People amaze me.
We’re doing peer performance appraisals now, and I can’t help but wonder… if you’re peer review does not affect whether or not you get a raise- then why the fuck are we doing them?  Also, if you review a supervisor, does the supervisor by it’s very nature know who did the review?  Food for thought, as I had one.  Hopefully they won’t take it too hard.
And during this time of reversals, when most people are losing their money and social graces, I noticed on the way to work the last few days that they’ve also lost their ability to drive with any competance at all.  Myself, I have been especially paranoid due to all the cops setting speed traps along my route to work, so I’ve been pretty diligent about seat belt, speed limit, yelling at old people as I pass them walking (though you haven’t seen a cheerful 90 year old man till you’ve catcalled one from a moving vehicle- he’ll almost stand up straight after that.. heehee).  Maybe it’s Because of my newfound law abidingness that it seems no one else can remember how to drive well.  I was cut off 3 times this week (for going too slow perhaps?)  Someone almost ran into me during a lane change (they wanted to be where I was, must’ve been a good spot).  And I have now waited through more green lights than I ever cared to in my life.  It’s like they couldn’t tell the light had changed.  And of course I’m in my car trying to be polite and not lay on the horn.  Sometimes politeness gets you no-where, literally.  But it’s Friday now, things will get better from here- right?
*at least a week

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