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10 Oct 2010 getting back into it

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May!?  I haven’t written since May!?  Wow.  Doesn’t seem that long, but then I’ve been rather busy with daily life, I guess.

Bear is out on the annual camping trip with the tribe of evil, causing havoc and mayhem and whatnot.  Monkey and I went out last night and saw Mousetrap at one of the local theaters.  Haven’t seen it since I was a kid.  I still love the story, but please can’t someone save us all from bad accents.  Holy shit, I think I spent the first 20 minutes in shock.  I know Ms. Christie was British, but I wonder if the actors can’t do the right accent can an exception be made for it??  Yikes.  Otherwise it was pretty well done.

I think we may spend today putting up Halloween decorations.  Shockingly we’ve all already decided on and put together our costumes.  The boy will be a pirate from one of his favorite cartoons, Bear is doing Dr Who, and I’m doing Luna Lovegood.  I’m really looking forward to it.

The problem with writing is that when you stop for long periods of time then return to it (or try to) everything one writes seems to come out stilted and wrong.  It feels like there is no flow, just drops that come when they will and disappear almost the instant they show themselves.  (Been a drought on here for the last month and a half, can you tell….  I’ve had to actually water my lawn.  Ug.  I *never* water my lawn- it’s a waste, but They’re warning that because it’s so dry the ground could shift around your house and cause fuckery and havoc with any pipes that might be buried there.  I do NOT need that, so I’m watering.)

Anyway.  I suppose I’ll go do something productive and hopefully my next attempt at a Return to Blogging won’t be quite as painful.  Yikes.


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