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10 Sep. 2007 there’s no place like home, but if you’re going out……

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Got to go to California for a week at the end of August, which is why I haven’t been heard from lately… Woohoo!  My folks’ 20 year wedding anniversary warranted a family reunion, and so it was.  We all stayed at my brother’s place in Humboldt county.  (Thank you eversomuch for putting us up guys!)  What a place!  The people there are so laid back and friendly and open minded that I’ve thought of moving there.  Also, the scenery is fab!  My brother and his family live within sight of the Pacific, there are Redwoods all around, and the weather is fantastic.  Could it be that I hallucinated the whole thing?  No, cause I wouldn’t have added the horrid stomach virus I had while we were there, or the anxiety from the major change from being around just my guys to being in a house with 12 people at all times.  Not used to having so many people around all the time, y’know?  Along with my family of 3, we had my bro’s family of 3, my other bro’s family of 3, mom, dad, and my youngest bro.  OH. MY. GOD.  I don’t think it would have been such a big deal, except that it came on the heels of the stomach virus (I’m such a huge whiner when I’m sick, I don’t know how anyone can stand me…) since my system was all out of wack anyway, I think it was unprepared to keep in check the fear of loss of control I experience in new situations sometimes.  Once I got over that though, it was great!  We got to go to an agate beach, and being the rock hound that I am, naturally I found a few that needed a new home, we saw sea lions, pelicans, gulls, jellyfish, and most of all, the Ocean!!!  This was my first time seeing the pacific and I can’t wait to do it again… I intend to not get sick and go see the giant Sequoias and Redwood National Forest next time, among other things.  Before we left, I had considered trying to get together with some folks I know who live out that direction, but the more I thought about it, the less right it felt.  Now I know why– there wouldn’t have been time, between family stuff and my illness.  So, next time I go, I will visit (course, that assumes that the people I’m thinking of want to be visited….)  Over all, it was a good time and I’m profoundly grateful that we got to go….  Now I just have to start saving and convince D/Saint he wants to go there instead of New York for his annual  backpacking trip… riiiiight.  So we get home, and we’re all glad to get to sleep forever after the eternal plane ride (not bad, just loooong).  And the next evening I get a message that my gran is in hospital with a ruptured anyerism.  Well shit.  After hanging with her many hours at the e.r. she passed in hospice the next day.  The thing is, I had a dream about her passing while on vacation and was worried it would happen before I got home.  So, I’m on the way to ‘church’ Sunday, which is Spiritualist -mostly mediums there- and I’m thinking ‘ok folks, if I get a message today, just let me know she’s made it across and is ok’.  (She was afraid of dying.)  Message time rolls around and guess what?  I got just what I asked for.  (For the record, I told no one at church about her passing or anything else, mostly for just this reason- I didn’t want a false reading).  The Universe is a funny place sometimes, isn’t it?


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