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11 Nov. 2009 A day in the life.

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Wine tonight.  And roast.

Today was a run day.

Up at 8.13 to be at the dam by 8.30.  Amuse Fancychains by nearly falling out of the car.  Walk 2 miles- freezing for the first, regretting the 3 layers for the second.

Home to make a smoothie and maybe a bit of breakfast after.  Chop up part of the wooden spoon in the blender.  Fish it out and carry on.  Blueberry, cherry, strawberry, billberry juice, green funny powder and hemp seeds.  Sounds frightening, tastes pretty damn good.  Even with the powder.  Warn D/h about the hemp seeds (they are not wood- honest).

Hang out and read for an hour or so, then off to see Scooter for the first time in months over espresso and biscotti.  Now that we don’t work together I don’t get to see her as often.  Agree to do a tarot reading for her Thanksgiving week sometime.

Call Boo on the way home to see if I’ll see her, agree on her calling when she’s done with her stuff.

Gas light on in the car.  Better stop, I guess.

No call, so a bit after 5 off to hula, where I haven’t been seen for over a month.  (That’s what happens when they try to share flu with me… I hide.)  Dance for maybe 20 minutes, listen to the chatter for longer.  Receive reproachful looks for not coming around more often.  Or knowing songs I’ve never been taught.  Hold my tongue about my irritation that most lessons involve Teach telling the same stories over and over rather than teaching.

Seriously consider dropping the class.


Cuddle dogs.  Finish book.  Cupcakes!!  Suffer the wondrous fragrance of garlic, onions, and roast while it cooks.  Wait longer.  Wine.  Wonder if I can get the boys to watch Bell, Book, and Candle this evening.

Tomorrow there’s less to be done.  Maybe I can get over to Boo’s to see her new place.  And there’s a rumor Merry might make cheesecake.  Maybe we could get out to the woods and go leaf crunching.  And I need to work on stuff for the last in this round of herb classes.  Also….


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