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11 Oct 2010 a day in the life

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Well, after a rough night last night it’s a wonder anything at all got done today, but somehow it did.  Had the worst headache I’ve had in ages come on in the middle of the night and spent a good portion of it trying not to move at all while Bear tried to get the muscles in my face and neck to relax.  Eventually they did and we got a bit of sleep, but yikes.  I don’t miss that at all.

There was much wandering about in a stupor for the first part of the morning and it took til 1:00 to get a decent cup of coffee (even that was a bit questionable though).  As we homeschool and previously spent inordinate amounts of time trying to figure out what the hell was going on, it’s been decided that Mondays will be ‘schooling schedule day’.  The best part of this is Bear and I get to go out to lunch together while we sift through the work for the coming week.

Went to a steakburger joint today, and ordered a cup of coffee “and lots of cream”  and was informed they were out of cream.  Dammit, I knew I should’ve brought me own cow today.  So I told the waitress milk would be ok, and off she went.  She served us the most hideous coffee I’ve had in ages.  I doctored it up as much as I could, and still, it was terrible.  At least the food was good, and we got our stuff done in short order.

Work was a cakewalk this evening, everyone nicely spaced out timewise and no one being heinous or whining.  Even made a bit more than I expected.  I think I can’t ask for much more than that given the rough start this morning.


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