thoughts randlomly dropped

12 May 2008 following frogs

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I’m supposed to be loading the dishwasher right now.  Dinner is nearly done.  I got sidetracked in renewing library stuff.  D/h’s gran is in hospital for a broken FEMUR.  Rgh.  Let me never have a broken bone, especially my femur.  It sounds terrible, can’t imagine how it feels….  How do I forget mother’s day?  You wouldn’t think that would happen what with me being a member of that club, but it still passed and I didn’t call the one I had in mind.  Something Freudian there methinks.  I’ll call her tonight, before it gets too late, but it doesn’t help that there’s a 3 hour time difference.  I miss my free time.   Got to hang with Zest last weekend and it was Fabulous!  Thanks for going with…  maybe I’ll have more free time soon.  The swing set in the back is extinct now, to old and small to do more than rust and make me nervous when Monk gets on it.  Hoping all you folks in lala land are well and good, miss writing here as often and communing with the great wide web. Peace ya’ll….


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