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12 Oct. 2009 the dogs thought I killed them…

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~ My dogs are bed hogs. They don’t normally get to sleep with us because of this, but last night was cold so we let them up (free heat, right?). At least, they got to stay up til they tried to push us out of bed. Mooch went quietly and nested in their dog blankie. Puppa just stood by my side of the bed and whined for pretty much the rest of the night. Looking at me like this:

I could hear him thinking at me– ‘Pick me up. I need to be cuddled.’
Mooch slept well, though. 🙂

~ Today the dogs were certain I was trying to destroy them. It was….. BATH DAY!!!!! (cue psycho soundtrack)
Poor things. They both hate baths; just standing there, eyeing me balefully, quivering while I hose them down. I had to do it though. No other choice. There was a flea on Puppa.

Now that you’re as squicked out as I was, you understand. Once they got their biscuits, they understood too.

~ D/h and I put out a bunch more fliers for the gardening we do. I know it’s the wrong season to be getting started with it, but in many gardens there’s still a lot of clean up to do. (Mine included.) Hopefully we can get it rolling and turn it into something more than just side work. Had a call today about the herb course, and I think my cousin is going to do it as well, so that’s a start in that area. (Better get to work finishing the monographs.) And the shop where I’ve left my cards hasn’t proved out for tarot readings the way I had hoped it would. Working on a different angle for that one, have to see how it pans out.

~ Went to the library today- my old branch. It’s so much busier since the hours were shortened. Not nearly as relaxing since the remodel. That could be because I don’t know where anything is now, so it’s not like I can just go directly to my favorite sections. I feel so sorry for all the folks still there (I know it sounds weird), they’re doing 2 or 3 times the work with a skeleton crew for less pay. And the schedules suck. In some ways it’s a blessing that I got laid off.

~ Last on the rollcall- the heating element in my dryer is dead. Going into the cold season. Fuck. I have a line outside, but (honestly) I won’t hang stuff out in the freezing cold. I have a wooden drying rack for inside which I keep over the heat vent, but I’m trying my best to keep the heat down. I know I can get a part to repair it from the used appliance shop (and if I’m really nice they might install it for me), but it’s pretty low on the money list at the moment. Today was decent, so I got a load dry outside. I wonder…. I reckon I’ll be putting the rack in front of the space heater this winter. Glad I got a pretty big one now. What’s that old saying? Necessity is the mother of invention? Have to work on that.


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