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12 Sep. 2009 to my sister… ;)

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Today is my sister’s birthday.  At 18, she has all the experience in the world, and yet the world still lies before her, a flower awaiting her touch to make it bloom.  I read cards for her and her friends over coffee this evening and saw good things, and hard things.  We are bound by what we carry, physical and emotional.  Only I can free myself by putting down that weight and moving on.  Only she can free herself in the same way.  Her mother clings to her, the last anchor in a storm made by her own hand.  Her father drifts by.  I am here, and yet separate.  In the background; I want her to know I’m here for her and yet I don’t want to interfere or impose.  Do I perform this balancing act well?  Or am I too distant, an idea of caring that doesn’t come through?  We three are the best family we have- she, my brother, and I.  Distant, yet connected.  I wish her the best, and hope she will seek the best for herself in all ways.  I say to her now,

I am here
I am here.

Anytime you need me.

Love you Sis.


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