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15 Jan 2010 Thinking

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The snow is melting, nearly gone. 50 degrees today.

My dearest friend has moved into a place of Her Own. I hope she can settle and thrive there.

Roots in the Earth, thinking about waking. The idea of spring becomes a dream, nearing lucidity. Hard cider shines like the sun, sharing it’s autumnal tones with me.

Home from the restaurant.. I smell like Chinese. The dogs love me for it.

How lucky I am…..
My own house and home. Vehicles in good shape. Food every day. Clean water. My family around me. My love beside me. The garden.
The world is my oyster.

I think of the Haitians, the turmoil and trauma they are enduring. The horrible things we do to each other, and the wonderful things we do for each other. My heart goes out to them. I will send money on payday. It’s all I can do, but it’s something. They will rebuild, and hopefully come out the other side of this stronger for it.

~~ If you are interested in helping the earthquake relief efforts check out NPR‘s list of links. ~~


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