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16 Dec. 2009 How to find Jews… adventures in holiday lights

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In the course of our seasonal social and religious studies with Monkey I explained to him that the colours most often associated with Hanukkah are blue and white.  (We’ve also discussed the Christian, Pagan, and African American traditions at this time of year.  Islam is next.)

We went out “lighting” this evening.  Sounds like we were setting fires all over town; really we just drove around looking at people’s (occasionally massive) holiday lights.  For example:

We saw several similar with lawns no longer visible for the stuff piled on them.  I’m sure the neighbors love these folks.  What dedication though.  You can’t really see it too well, but just to the right of the giant cross, there’s a wooden painted Santa kneeling.  I liked the trees though.

If you’d like something on a slightly smaller scale:

A bit smaller even, but still quite a bit of work:

At some point in our travels we passed the house that Christmas threw up on, it’s on a main road and there was traffic behind me so we couldn’t stop- but D/h did the best he could:

If only we’d been able to get a better shot.  It had as much stuff as the first one, but with more colour.  Here’s a slightly tamer setup:

But I digress.  Not long into our travels we encountered this (bit blurry, but you get the idea):

And Monkey shouts “Hey mom, I bet some Jews live there!!”

How could I not laugh?  He meant no disrespect, just stating that with the predominant blue and white theme, logic seems to say they were probably Jewish.  Once D/h and I tapered down to a chuckle we explained to him that the colour of the decorations didn’t necessarily imply their beliefs (I’m not sure I’ve ever seen or would know right off a Hanukkah decorated house- unless they included the obvious stuff).

I have to admit it would be refreshing to cruise past someplace with a giant blow up Menorah in the front yard and Adam Sandler singing about 8 Crazy Nights, but sadly I’m not certain my neighbors would be game.  Maybe that really is why the blue and white theme is getting so popular?  (Clearly, as a non-Christian I feel it’s important to let the Christians know they don’t have this holiday season cornered.  After all, the Pagans and Jews had it first.   Heehee )  Regardless, whatever you believe, have a marvelous Holiday Season and a superb New Year.


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