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16 May 2010 attempting to return.. again

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So it’s been a zillion years since I’ve had a mo to sit and read here or put anything up.  It seems like every time I get ready to, something distracts me.  For example:

Puppa woke up around  4.30 am last Friday and needed to go out, so Bear got up and put him out.  When I got up Puppa was being sick in his kennel.  Poor guy.  I thought he had a rawhide hangover since he’d had a few the evening before.  Just assumed he was having trouble digesting.  Called the vet, and they said ‘it’ll pass.’  But he just felt worse and worse as the day went on.  Not drinking anything, not really into moving around.  Called the vet again and they said ‘bring him in and we’ll have a look.’  By the time we got him there, he was making this whining howl thing periodically that just broke my heart.  The vet took one look and said, ‘I think it’s bladder stones’.  !!  Eh?!  Since when??

Turns out it was exactly that.  I have the stones to prove it.  One is about a half inch long and looks like stacked shale.  Oh.  My.  God.  No wonder he was whining.

So, since it was Friday and Pup was dehydrated (!!) they catheterized him (eep) and iv’d him and coned him (so he wouldn’t eat the iv) and kept him like that til Monday when they planned to do surgery.  Except he wouldn’t eat.  So we had to visit and get him to eat, which he did as soon as we got there.  Tuesday, it was, before they unzipped him, cleared out the stones and closed him up.  We got him back that night.

Y’know, you just have no idea how much your pets affect your daily life in tiny little ways til one of them isn’t there.  I was a wreck the whole time he was gone.  In addition to missing the little fella, I felt awful that he’d been left at the vet for 4 nights with no explanation and no indication that we’d come back for him.  And how did it get so bad so rapidly???  WTF???

At this point, I’m just glad he’s back and ok.  His zipper is healing nicely.  It looked a bit freaky to begin with and I was wondering who taught the vet to sew, cause they needed glasses.  But he must’ve known it’d straighten out on its own from the lumpy mess it was to begin with.  Now it’s smooth and almost invisible.

Hula has been interesting.  Had a performance the other night in a modern mansion.  We danced on their dock by their lake.  Yeah.  Like that.  I thought the other girls were going to have to staple their eyes back into their heads.  And it’s funny, the people at the (massive) party were all very nice/polite but (with about 2 exceptions) the ‘help’ were all jerks.  I think they were literally looking down their noses at us in a few instances….  Poor things.  I know from experience it sucks to work a job you totally hate.  (Making assumptions here in order to cut a bit of slack in the hope that they weren’t really total snobs.)  We all had fun trying to keep it together while our props were trying to roll into the water WHILE we were dancing.  And trying not to dance off the dock into the lake.

Also, there have been a few new gardens to work in; one of which involved much sod cutting.  Ug.  Next time I vote we rent a machine.  Fuck that noise.  Doing it by hand is fine for small beds, NOT for big ones.  But the garden looks fantastic.  Added to that working at the Chinese, and day to day stuff and I just haven’t been making time for everything.  Which I really need to get back to.  I have much to catch up on blog-wise.   I will make a start on that, and see where I end up. 


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