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17 Jul. 2007 back it up, back it up…

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YeeGads!  Computers are a pain in the ass.  My most recent one in particular.  They crash when I least expect it, and (unfortunately for me) I lack the comprehensive skillage to repair or remove the good info from it.  So for a week I have been computer-less.  Not so bad, you’re thinking, only 7 days.  Except that I found in those 7 days that I have come to rely on the web far more than I care to admit.  This is my reference book.  My easy communication with those I don’t see often.  My time killer.  And just lately, my place to rant about the raving bullshit at work.  I, however, am not nearly as dependent as my d/h.  I’ve seen starved dogs with more civilised behavior.  He may as well have been pacing for a week.  (Possibly an exaggeration, but not by much )  So, thanks to the best friend in the universe (aren’t you all jealous?) I am returned to the cyberworld.    So here are my words of wisdom for the day:  Back up your hard drive, cause all that crap goes away sometime; always burn your pictures to cd, just in case the file isn’t retrievable; defrag and scan-disk often; and last but most important– get a Mac.  They don’t write viruses for them, did you know?  (Is this true?  I don’t know, but it sure sounds good…)  Peace and Chucks y’all….


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