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17 Jun. 2008 taking over the world one dollar at a time….

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I’m rapidly approaching the point of had enough.  Seriously.  These people fucking with me all the time has got to stop.  I mean, I’m just trying to do my job.  It’s in the job description (really).  But I go and do it, and my fucking asshat coworkers (just those select few) are going to bitch that I’ve left my spot.  Oh.  My.  Gods.  whatthefuckiswrongwithyouyou20minutebreaktakinmotherfucker?  For real.  We’re just standing around!  It wasn’t even close to busy!  What, exactly, is your issue?  Whatever.
So, now I’m working on a new plan.  It involves being able to clean my house, wash my clothes, AND do the dishes all in one week!  How can this be, You say?  20 hours, that’s how.  I know.  Listen to me piss and moan about my decent job and being able to pay the bills, but you know what?  There’s only so much I can take, and by the time I reach that point I plan to have the bills Paid Off, money growin’ in the bank, and an insurance plan that’s not dependent on an employer.  It’s a good thing I’ve got D/H to help, cause I may need it.  This is going to happen in the next 2 years (actually it may take less than that if I can just get my shit straight )  That’s where d/h comes in, the man has more fortitude than anyone I’ve ever met.  He will persevere where I will whimper and go shopping (he cut up the credit card, I held the bag…..)  Whenever I mention that we have available credit, he tells me to call and have the limit lowered….  The man is a machine!  (If only you could see his face when he talks about sticking it to the credit card companies- it’s a beautiful thing to behold…)  Really though, he keeps us on track and if I just work a bit harder and make it a point to put my money where my mouth is, this can happen with nothing more than what amounts to pruning the dead off a flower.  So.  Now I can remind myself why I’m really there.  To pay off the bills, catch up on our check-ups while the insurance is comparatively cheap, and set us up for something a bit more simple.  If only I can keep my eye on the prize.  Just for the record, that would be about 3 acres with something to graze on them- so I don’t have to mow-, a greenhouse, and an art studio big enough for 3.  Wish me luck!

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