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18 May 2010 the long and winding road…

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The sun has been hiding for days.

Intermittent rain drowns all outdoor possibility.

Just cold enough to aggravate.

Show me blue skies and sunshine, zephyr kissed afternoons.

The crap weather is keeping folks in and away from the Chinese.  Which means, essentially, between last eve and this afternoon I had (maybe) 10 tables and made next to nothing on them.  Bleh.  It will get better, I know, but until then it’s kind of a killjoy. In the meantime, I’m waiting for the sun to emerge.  Trying to keep warm (it’s May for chrissakes!!  Come on!)

Puppa is up and running, almost wouldn’t know he was ever down.  We’re waiting on the stone analysis to come back so we can see what, if any, dietary changes we can make to prevent any more stones.  I’m already dosing him with a tea of dandelion, nettles, and marshmallow root twice a day. Hopefully the changes will be easy to do ones.

Been skimming the news about the oil eruption in the Gulf.  Horrifying.  Apparently they think it’s made it around the tip of Florida and is heading up the east coast toward the gulf stream.  And still, there are politicians pushing to drill in other coastal waters.  I know this was some kind of freak accident, but maybe we should be putting protocols in place to avoid any further accidents like this?  Better yet, maybe we should be pushing closer to the mainstream use of alternatives to oil and oil-based products??  And I can’t begin to comprehend the effects this will have on marine life.  The Exxon spill was bad enough, all those years ago.  This will reach farther in so many ways.  What is the answer?  I surely don’t know.  But it makes me glad that I’ve been reducing my consumption of plastic, even if only a bit at a time.  It makes me glad I’ve begun to capture and reuse my rinse water from doing dishes to water my garden.  It makes me glad for other changes I’ve made in my daily life that allow me to use less, even if only marginally, because I know that once these things become habit I will make other (slightly more drastic?) changes.  And they all add up.  Most importantly, Monkey sees the changes we make, the conscious decisions to have less impact on the world in this way, and absorbs them.  I can only hope this will inform his choices when he’s an adult.

It’s so odd, writing after I haven’t been *at all*.  I have to hunt for words and what to say.  Is that good?  Does that mean I’ve not been keeping my internal stuff all pent up?  Or does it mean my brain is so cluttered the gears just can’t turn?  I’d like to think the former, but some days I’m sure it’s the latter.  I can feel a fog around the edges.  It tastes cottony, dry.  I’m working on it.

Hula tomorrow afternoon and a show on Thursday.  Missed Saturday since the boys and I went to the flea markets. My teacher has had us working on our pa’u skirts and we just made our ipus.  What I really want to finish making now is my ‘uli ‘uli.  I have my grandmother’s, but it’s old enough now that every time you shake it more feathers fall out.  If I practice with it, it looks like I’m dancing in the middle of a red blizzard…  Sadly, my teacher is not the most together person and it will probably take her a few (more) months before we finish them.  I’m kind of amazed the ipus are done and the skirts are nearly done.  If my sewing machine wouldn’t try to eat everything I put in it right now I’d finish the skirt at home, but when I tried to do just that last week I wound up having to rip all the stitching I put in back out.  Stupid machine.  I’ve no idea what its issue is, but sometime this week I guess I’ll find out.  There’s a whole stack of stuff waiting for me to fix it, and most of it needs machine work.  Oh, joy.  Anyway, we’ll get there.

We’re waiting for responses on a couple of garden jobs, so there’s a bit of downtime at the mo (not that we’d be out gardening in the rain or anything, but y’know, it’s the thought that counts….)  And Bear has a few irons in the fire project-wise.  He amazes me.  The man can look at almost anything and come up with a way to make it.  And make it look good.  If you’re into it, his stuff (and ramblings) can be found here.

I think that’s all I’ve got, which turned out to be quite a bit more than I thought I had, but isn’t that usually how things end up?


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