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18 Oct. 2009 Gargoyles love dandelions.

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Thought I’d post this shot, it’s my current mantle display… I just got the runner and thought I’d show it off.  Do you totally love my gargoyle!?  It’s not a very clear pic of him, but he’s thoroughly devilish looking… hang on, maybe I can find a better look.

It’s a bit soft, but you get the idea.

Moving on, I think the drying rack and the space heater are going to work nicely in place of a dryer (til I can get it fixed). I just have to set the rack fairly close to the heater- which means I need to be nearby to keep an eye on things and make sure the heater doesn’t start getting too aggressive with all my clothes. The last thing I need is to have a firefight in my living room. Heh.

Lemme see, what else? I had to get some Dandelion Root today in preparation for an herb class I’ll be teaching over the next few weeks. Now, you’d think -the huge weed that it is considered to be- this would be a relatively difficult plant NOT to find. And you may be right, in another season. However it has become apparent to me that Dandelion is either hugely popular right now, or in the interest of not overharvesting this (rare- haha) plant folks are going easy on it. Ha. So, seeing that my regular source of herbs was all out, I opted to take a chance and call a shop that has just started stocking a very small supply of loose herbs. Turns out they had just under 3 ounces left. Perfect for my needs. And I’ve learned (yet another) very important lesson. Harvest those Dandelions and use them!! (They’re good fer yer liver!) I have a couple huge ones in the yard I’m letting grow just for this purpose, just haven’t gotten around to digging them so they continue to get huge-er.

At any rate, it all worked out in the end- I got my roots and the shop owner got her new section validated. It’s still less expensive for me to just buy in bulk, but it’s nice to know she’s there with backup in a pinch- like today. I love it when a plan comes together….


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