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19 Aug. 2007 dog daze…. again

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Deer.  Raccoons.  Opossums.  Skunks.  Rabbits.  My dog.  The common thread here?  All will happily raid your garden when your back is turned.  And with a dog as determined as mine, none of the other animals are needed for the decimation of the chosen veg.  My dog, Mooch, has discovered she likes zucchini quite well.  When we fix it for dinner, she gets little bits as a treat here and there.  Apparently that’s not enough.  The other day, she had been out in the yard for a while, and thinking she might be into the compost pile, I looked out the window to see what she might be up to, and lo and behold, she is head and shoulders deep into the zucchini plants, just goin’ at it!  So I’m thinking, well, there go the baby zucchinis.  I go out, take one look at the plants and that thought morphed into ‘I’d better warn D/Saint before he gets home, or she’s dead meat.’  Mooch ate the base of the plants, and the top of the roots.  What the Fuck!  Here I thought she just liked the stuff, and now find she enjoys it so much she’d rather harvest it herself!  (I guess the ‘more for me’ mentality applies to competition from her people too.)  So, now that she’s discovered the origin of her bliss, she has to have an escort when she goes out in the back yard.  Luckily for here, there are two (small and badly damaged) plants that survived.  She did get whacked with the dying leaves of one of the dead plants, but remains alive (if slightly traumatised).  I don’t know what’s gotten into her lately…..  I took her to the vet at the beginning of the week and she had to be MUZZLED—- MY dog, who’d sooner lick you to death than bite you, decided that the people at the vet clinic were all evil and were going to kill her and put her in a soup and that she needed to warn them to BACK THE FUCK OFF in no uncertain terms.  (I have no idea who would put the soup thing into her head, really…)  I was so embarrassed!  ‘She’s never like this’ I said, ‘apparently not Never, though… she is today’- thought the vet.  It is the weirdest thing to see her with a muzzle on.  I felt so sorry for her, cause it was a hot day, and she wanted to pant and she only had a little room to pant in the muzzle.  Also, she’s never like that!!  Well, we all survived, all shots updated, no heart-worms, toenails clipped, ears and eyes checked, etc. and a clean bill of health– YAY!!!!! I’m sure she thought I was going to let them kill her and put her in a soup when I put that muzzle on her (yes, I got to be the bad guy); but by the time the vet got to play good guy and take the horrid thing off, Mooch had stopped giving them the Death Look and was eagerly awaiting her reward biscuit(s).  So all was well in the end, no one got bit, and every one she growled at made friends via biscuits and all was well.

In other news, I got an interview for a Job I Really Want!!!!!!  I think it went well, and even though they said they had other candidates to interview, I’m very hopeful.  Keep your fingers crossed folks!!  I should know something by the 27th.  One way or the other, it’s time for me to broaden my search.  Thus far, I’ve only been checking on places within 3 miles or so- which, I know sounds ridiculously narrow, but having no car and no public transport means I need to either get a ride or make the walk in a reasonable amount of time.  Riding my bike is generally out, because there are no bikeracks in this fucking town, and unless I can be sure it won’t get stolen (not a sure thing in this area), there’s no point.  But now I have to work something out, because I’ve checked out all the stuff in my narrow field and none of it will work, or they’re not hiring.  I think I’m subconsciously hoping for a windfall from the Universe in the form of a good car, but I’m not holding my breath.  I’ve a friend who might be selling hers in the semi-near future, and I’m wondering if I could gather enough cash to buy it and make the needed repairs to it.  We’ll see, and if not, surely something will crop up…..  I hope.  I’d love to be able to get a Hybrid car!  That would be sooo cool!  Too bad I can’t take on another car loan right now.  Maybe I’ll get a fabulous job that comes with a company car!  Yes!  How cool would that be!!  Course at this point, I’ll be happy with the fabulous job….  the company car can come later. 


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