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19 Dec. 2009 surviving it all….

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D/h and I just finished reading this book by Neil Strauss called Emergency.  An easy and (relatively) fast read, it details his adventures in preparedness and generally making himself ready for the end of civilsed society here in the US.  Interesting stuff.  At times I felt like we were right in line with his thinking, at others I felt like he was (waay) out there on the crispy edge.  Regardless, it got us thinking.  After Katrina and the FEMA disaster that followed, after the power in our area was out for a week (or more in some places), after all the times we’ve seen that the System can’t or won’t respond immediately in times of crisis you’d think we would have a whole system set up for ourselves- right?  Well, we don’t.  While D/h and I have a bit more knowledge than some in the way of woodcraft and plants and the like, we don’t have nearly enough to ensure our survival, as Neil would say, WTSHTF (When The Shit Hits The Fan).  So in that spirit, Yesterday I had the bright idea to head for the woods and see what we might be able to find forage-wise with the boys.

If TSHTF in winter and you don’t have food set aside, your fucked.  That’s what we found.

The sum total of potential food sources with no previous knowledge of the area was thus:  A handful of Chickweed, 3 mostly rotten walnuts, and the hope that you might be able to trap an animal.  That’s it.  On the flip side, you could make quite a comfortable debris hut with all the leaves and whatnot around.  And there was obvious deer-sign (for trap placement- assuming I could rig something without injuring or killing or trapping myself).  So, you’d be hungry, but sheltered.  And there was plenty of water nearby.

Granted this is a pretty extreme look at things.  In my own backyard there’s still broccoli trying valiantly to produce, a few leeks that are willing to hang out until we’re ready for them, and the neighbor’s dogs, should we feel the need to trap something.  (Only kidding, they’d come right to us. )

Anyway, the gist is we are going to try to have a bit of extra ‘stock’ on a regular basis and increase our knowledge of how to take better care of ourselves in the event of a long term power outage (not So rare) or the end of civilised society as we know it (marginally less likely to happen IMHO) or whatever else may come our way.  I probably won’t go to quite the extremes Mr. Strauss did (like getting a second citizenship), but I may take a closer look at some of the other stuff.  After all, even if I never need it I’ll be able to take comfort in the fact that it’s there if I do.  And really, I guess that’s what it’s all about.


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