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19 Jan 2010 Of pillows and poverty

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Morning, and I sit with my coffee trying to wake up.  Bear made breakfast of potatoes and eggs.  He’s a genius, really.  Nothing like getting out of bed to food and coffee on the table.  Ahh…

Work this afternoon for a couple hours, then off to the store for New Pillows!!!!!  Please, whatever God there is of pillows, let us choose wisely.  For the last year or so (maybe longer) we’ve been doing battle nightly with the stone hard bits we’ve been using as pillows.  Bear going around with a crick in his neck and me with stupefying headaches (and a crick as well) all because the things are so old they don’t remember their original ducks.  Eeesh.  It’s gotten to the point that last night we gave the throw pillows a try.  Alas, they didn’t work.  I woke up aching, and Bear slept sans pillow.  I’d say it’s definitely time.  How the hell are you supposed to pick one to avoid all that?  Is there some kind of label saying ‘never turns to stone or your money back’?  (Not holding my breath on that one..)
Anyway, wish us luck.

On a more serious note, I’ve noticed a few people talking shit about the Haitians and what’s happening there.  (Warning: soapbox ahead.)

Folks, let us remember they are Human.  Just like us.  They’re having a horrible time getting their shit back together after this earthquake on top of the other disasters they’ve faced in recent years.  One person I know called them animals because they’ve begun fighting over food and clean water.  Well duh.  You’d fight too in the same position.  I sure as hell would.  They are Scared and Hungry and Thirsty and Cold and Dirty and have no obvious safe place to go.  WTF?  You don’t want to find yourself in this position?  PREPARE.  It doesn’t have to be some kind of massive fallout shelter with 50 years worth of SPAM and pickled eggs and dried Jell-O.  Set yourself up for 2 weeks.  If you live in a place where this kind of shit happens often, set up for a bit longer.  Learn how to take care of yourself so others don’t have to do it for you.

And quit dissing the people who are too busy trying to survive day to day for not being perfect.

(This message has been brought to you by the letters: WTF and the number 42.)

Now, go rotate your stock…..



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