thoughts randlomly dropped

2 Nov. 2007 I’ve got 3 minutes, let’s see how fast I can type….

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Safe mode.  O.  My.  God.  My computer is dying.  The pictures look really cool though.  And it’s still barely usable.  Goody. Also, the plumber would dearly like to fix the plumbing, but can’t til I give him 750 bucks.  He’s really nice though.  On the upside:  I’m off tomorrow, all the major stuff is done for about a month (I’ve been horribly lax in my removal of all things Halloween from my decor though, have to do that soon…), and…. wait for it ………………………………..  I GOT A CAR!!!  Yeah, my mother in law totally rocks. So now that gas is gonna go up to 4 bucks a gallon, I can get myself back and forth to work with minimal hassle and the odd curse at the folks in charge of gas prices!!  Go me!   All in all, it’s not goin’ too bad.  Hope everyone out there in lulu land is doing as well or better…..


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