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2 Sep. 2009 The sword falls, and I survive! (after a fashion)

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Well, the waiting is over.  Sunday, after working my shift and waiting for all but one of my colleagues to have their meetings, I was told that I would be “part of the reduction in force at the library”.  So, being newly unemployed, naturally I breathe a sigh of relief.  Mainly because all the full time staff will be working 12 days on and 2 days off and I wasn’t really looking forward to that.  And I thought libraries were civilised places!  Ha!  A month and a half of worry that there *might* be layoffs followed by a week and a half when we *knew* there would be AND that admin knew who it would be, but wanted to wait to tell us (cause keeping every one tense is ‘kinder’), and after all that 42 people got cut.  Now here’s the best part:  They’re recalling people.  That they laid off the day before.  In some cases they’ve even waited a few days.  Just to really give folks the idea that the job is gone… then SURPRISE! here’s your job (for less pay, no seniority, you’ve lost all your vacation and sicktime, and it’ll be the most horrible schedule we could put together, but you won’t mind right?)  And the upper management wonders why Guitargirl told the head of HR off when they called to offer her job (sorta) back?  Someone should give her a medal!  Hell, I admire her restraint in not actually going to the building and smacking someone.  It’s like they really think keeping us on tenterhooks was somehow nicer than just saying ‘hey, your last day will be ____, good luck in the future.’  Oh well.  Now we all know, generally, one way or another.  Which of course means a job search for me.  Somehow, I’m not too worried.  The budget is pretty tight at the moment, but it’s livable for now.  I’m not holding my breath for anything, nor am I a stressed out wreck waiting for the world to end any longer- for which I’m sure D/h is quite grateful.  It kind of feels like a blessing in disguise.  Now I can really look around and see some things.  And who knows?  Maybe I’ll find what I’m looking for….


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