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20 Dec. 2007 a new computer makes all this much easier!!

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Well, here am I, sitting at my pretty new computer.  Typing on my pretty new keyboard… No more banging around for me!  Much to my shock, disbelief, and pleasure Santa brought me a new computer (a few days early– to beat the rush, apparently…)  YAY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks eversomuch Santa.  You Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am finding more and more that the people in my life surprise me; just when I think I know what to expect, they spring something like this on me.  Not that it’s a bad thing, though.  It’s good that they keep me on my toes.
Almost ready for the Holidays…  Just a bit more shopping to do- goodies for the boy and D/H.  And, lucky me, I’ve a whole string of days off between now and the 26th!  Yay!!!!  Things will get done (vacuuming), goals will be achieved (laundry caught up), and important calls made (got to catch up with everyone sometime)!!  And it’s all cake too, only my own goals to meet– nothing imposed from outside!  (Took care of that this morn; had to get blood drawn for testing- low blood sugar weirdness everywhere, cross your fingers all comes back well and the doc just says “take your vitamins stupid.”)  So, my time and my schedule!!  AND D/H has a half day tomorrow and Monday off as well!  Yay!!!!!  It’s possible his boss isn’t a total shit, but just barely….  Ok, right, holiday season, forgiveness, etc.  But you’d agree if you knew the guy.
Found myself sorting through the Grand’s holiday stuff tonight, all leftover from the move.  I miss them, and I wish things had been better before they moved on.
Have a good Holiday, all of you.  Only a couple of days til the return of the Sun and longer days.  Oh, the joy of a 90 degree day!  (I mean that… folks think I’m insane, but it’s totally true…)  And humidity!!  I’m tired of being all dried out already!  I know what raisins feel like…  Yech.  Snow is pretty and all, and I like it a little, but it’s way to cold for my taste.  Actually, I like snow a lot, but it’s best when I can be all warm and cozy inside by a warm stove with bread in it and a glass of wine and a good book.  So, basically give me a pretty picture of it to look at, and I’m happy.  If you like snow, you can have mine, just ask.  Peace ya’ll.

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