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20 Jun. 2007 people with crappy work ethics annoy me.

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Home from the grease factory at last, yay for me.  Today was alright til the last 3 hours or so.  The closing manager is nice, but honestly, some people should not be in charge of things.  Much like GWB, actually.  They get there and just naturally fuck it up.  It’s like the Cosmos is playing a joke on them and just happens to scatter-gun everyone else in the area by default.  I’ve met several of these people and let me just offer my gratitude that I am not one of them.  (Or if I am, I’m blissfully unaware.)  Also, people, if you work with your kids do them the favor of teaching them what work means.   Allowing them to skate by and fuck around all day is not going to help them when it really counts, it will ensure they fall on their faces and possibly fuck future opportunities up along the way.  Today is one of the few (I can think of about 2 off the top of my head) days that I literally stood and did nothing deliberately (and yes, there was plenty of work to be done.)  I just got fed up and thought ‘well, if they can do it and not have a word said to them, so can I’.  So, I untucked my shirt, removed my name tag and proceeded to follow the example of local geniuses by leaning against the nearest counter.  Sad to say I couldn’t go all the way and remove my hat; it was hard enough to look at the trash one of my coworkers left laying around the can in the middle of the floor and stepped over for about 20 minutes.  I did it though, because I had to know how long she and the manager were willing to leave it.  I thought I was going to explode.  I can’t do that very often though.  It’s more stressful for me to repress my natural instinct to just get the shit done than it is to actually do it.  Another fun thing today was that the schedule for this week is not finished.  Today is the last day filled in on it.  So all day there were calls and visits to see what people work the rest of the week.  Seriously, what kind of bullshit is that?  The manager that makes the schedule gets paid whether the job gets done or not, so why should he care?  If the rest of us get fucked out of a few bucks or have to reorganize their week because he “didn’t have time” to do his job, shouldn’t he have to answer for that?  I mean, what the fuck?  So, ok, enough of that.  On to happier things.
I got a really cool herb book from a friend of mine today and am looking forward to digging in to it.  So now that I’ve vented my spleen, that’s what I’m going to do.


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