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21 Jun. 2007 I know everyone needs to make a living, I just wish they’d stop trying to do it at my house…

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So this morning someone knocks on my door and wakes me up.  Now, I have had the 40 hour a week job and worked (at various points) all 3 shifts.  I understand that for the people who still have to do this (like my d/h) sleeping till 9 a.m. is a blissful late morning.  For me, however, it is early and I try not to emerge before 9:30 when I don’t have to (actually, I consider anything before 11 early, but I get along..).  I also try to have compassion for my fellow late-sleepers and not bother them before 11 too.  Back to the door though…  I drag my groggy ass out of bed, throw on a robe and go see what all the noise is and here stands this little bit of a young lady.  With a bag that looks like she’s come to stay.  At this point all I can think is—-???WTF????  And she looks at me and has the nerve to ask if she woke me.  Seriously.  I guess I probably looked like I had been up all night anyway (not far from it, in fact), but what the hell kind of person wakes a stranger, then starts asking rhetorical questions right off the bat?  I am not a boundoutofbedisn’tmorningwonderful person.  It takes me like 2 hours to start making sense, and here I am on the spot with a stranger.  So, she starts her speil about how she gets college credit for waking people up or some shit, and (proud of myself here) I POLITELY tell her no thanks, not interested.  So she puts away the spreadsheets that appeared out of nowhere, shakes my hand, and asks if she can use my bathroom.  ????WTF???  Now, if we were miles away from anywhere with a public toilet, ok, I can see it.  But we’re not, there’s a gas station like a block away.  And in my neighborhood, you don’t ask to come in unless you know me, or you have an ulterior motive.  I know that’s cynical, but on top of that, who asks a stranger they just woke up for a favor?  Maybe she was serious, maybe she had to go.  For all I know, she peed in my garden on the way out (more power to her).  Now I feel bad a bit for saying no, but, it just seemed out of place.  Actually, when I realized there was someone at the door, I expected it to be the Jehova’s Witnesses.  They drop by and try every now and then.  I take the tracts for a friend who collects them (I don’t want to know what he does with them….), and send them on their way.  They seem nice enough, just misguided.  I can’t help but wonder, don’t they get to celebrate any holidays?  I lived with a Jehova’s once, and they didn’t do any of that.  I think it’d be a bummer to grow up without any celebrations.  Birthday parties are fun.  Trick or Treat is my favorite, and I did until I was 21.  After that you start to get weird looks and nasty comments.  Takes all the joy out of it.  Course it doesn’t stop the candy being good.  Speaking of which, I need ideas for a costume this year (yes, I’m thinking about it already).  Any ideas would be appreciated!!  Ok.  Going to do other stuff now.


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