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21 May 2010 butter moulds and badassery

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Home from the madhouse that was the Chinese this eve.  Yikes.  Short 2 peeps tonight and still working on training the new girl (at her first ever job- yay.)  All of us running like maniacs and trying to keep the customers from starting a food fight.  Add to that my boss’s accent that really gets thick when she’s in a hurry and you’ve got the makings of pure havoc.

We all survived, and no one was wearing their food (or anyone elses) when they left, AND the new girl didn’t run away (again.  She must be fearless.)

Sitting here with a cider and a dog snoot* on my foot feels pretty good at the moment.  Just to take a breather and hear the silence in between dog snores.

*that’s snoooot, not snot.  ‘Cause, eew. 

Went to the antique shop this afternoon to see if I could spy a butter mould for my butter-making antics.  Found one for $20, but it was broken, so no go.  Found 3 more but they cost Considerably More (and presumably were NOT broken), and I’m not paying that much, so, no go.  Have to keep an eye out and see what the universe throws in my path.  Making butter is fun (and easy), and wouldn’t it be cool if I could shape it without all the effort of actually Sculpting it (which is sooo not going to happen anyway).

Hmmmm… maybe I’ll go to the thrift stores tomorrow!  And drag Bear!  All the walking will be good for him since he’s had to take a break on running.  Poor thing, I know it’s got to be killing him to Not Run after he got himself up to 13 odd miles.  He loves it, even if I don’t get it.  But he’s hurt his back and needs to rest and generally be easy on it.  I think it’s driving him bonkers.

I keep turning the job thing over and over in my head, wondering how to make it just the right combination of things for us.  It seems like sometimes the answers are just right there under my nose and others you have to wait and ruminate.  Then ruminate some more.  It’ll get there, just not a quickly.  In the meantime things are ok.  I just see the potential for change and want to be ready.

My Subaru has been growling, and, if you’ve ever encountered a Subaru you may note that generally they are not cars that growl.  Regardless of their level of badassery (mine has a very high level.)  So I’m about to embark on the adventure of tuning up the car, possibly (partially) myself (with a lot of help from Bear- if he can stand to work with me.)  Fingers crossed that that’s all my car needs and it’s not something much scarier (and more expensive).

In “olden days”  before computers were pervasive in cars and I had a car with a motor that faced the right direction, I worked on my own car now and then.  Even if it was long, long ago and the car was a 76 delta olds (and almost a classic one by that point), still.

It may take a few days to get to it though.  Seems like every time I turn around my calender is shockingly full.  Thought I’d try for Sunday, then realised I’ve another Hula show that day.  This last one at the college went from a planned 1 hour show to 15 minutes and 1 fire dance with next to no audience.  We drove 6.5 hours to get there.  Seriously.  I guess it’s ok though- she got paid the full amount, and we got dinner and a scenic drive.  Hopefully the next one will be better.  I guess we’ll find out, yeah?


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