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21 Sep. 2007 …and from here, it’s a small step to ruling the world…Mwahahaha!!

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YESYESYESYES!!!!!!!  I totally rock!!!  I got a new job!!!!  Yay me!!  Yours truly is about to become a Librarian!  My excitement cannot be conveyed well enough here….  No more grease!  No more bugs!  I will have INSURANCE!!  Yes, now, after some 10 odd years (give or take) I am at last allowed to go to the doctor (or dentist) without planning 6 months in advance so I can save up for it!  I will be allowed to choose my own daily wardrobe (as long as it’s not denim… apparently denim is to the library what silver is to werewolves… or some such thing).  People, I cannot even begin to describe my glee and pleasure in telling all the management at the Pit that I’d be leaving them for good in a mere 2 days.  Oh, the joy, just take a moment and imagine….

Yessss.  Bliss.  I will miss some of my coworkers…. However, Humble and Littlemama know how to get ahold of me, and I can find Fuzzy any time.   It is such a relief to get a good job.  I will have opportunities here, hell, if I want to go back to school for library science, they’ll even pay for some of it!  Like to see the Pit pay for anything like that….  I am a bit nervous though– it’s been a long time since I worked full time, and even longer since I’ve worked in a place not mostly staffed with teenagers….  After two years of fart jokes and teen angst, will I remember how to interact with real live adults?  I think so…….. I do have some pretty major spastic tendencies here and there, and I hope my new coworkers will be able to appreciate them, or allow that some people are just idiotic sometimes (I got a new key clip from Fuzzy as a going away gift and almost lost my head with joy– it’s the little things that count, right? )  Really though, I can feel that this is going to be soooo good for us.  For me.
They say our lives are circular, that sometimes we have to go back to the beginning to go forward.  I think maybe they’re right, at least sometimes.  The grease pit was the first job I ever had’ when I returned I had the idea that it would be a transient thing- something to pass the time and pay the bills on the way to better things; and while I wasn’t wrong on that count, things did not go as I expected.  It’s not greenhouses and gardening I’m moving up into, it’s books.  Not outdoors, but in.  Not just me and the Plant people, but me and Loads of people (the branch I’ll be at is VERY high volume….)  Almost entirely opposite of what I expected.  I have no doubt about what some of the Buddhists I know would say– Release your expectations, and let the Universe exceed them….
Alrighty then!


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