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21 Sep. 2009 and this is what happens when I stay away too long.

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I’ve now been out of work for a little over 2 weeks and I have to say, once you get around the initial “Oh shit.  How do we pay the bills?” it’s not so scary (assuming you can cut back enough to not be totally fucked for funds).

D/h and I have been working out ways to bring in some cash, and actually got a garden job pretty quick (grossly undercharged because it was for a friend.. have to remember not to discount tooooo deeply for friends.).  The newest idea is for me to give a class on herbalism.  I’ve done this before as a one off for a couple of groups, but what I’m working on now would be something like 4 classes over 4 weeks.  With supercool ‘labs’.  And stuff to take home.  It kind of freaks me out because it would be strangers in my home (can’t really think of another good place to have it), but if I can get a friend to come along and help/hang out that would go a long way toward easing my freakiness.

Another thing my d/h mentioned (regular think-tank, he is) was getting a booth at the local psychic fair (in November, I think) and doing Reiki there.  Again, I want a security blanket, and some company should my booth remain empty all day both days.  (May not be likely, but I like to cover all the bases…).  So, my fear of rejection and I are going to make and post flyers.  Then go look into the cost of a booth, and see if I can borrow a friend’s massage chair.  And find a lure for my cousin (who although interested in these things, may not want to spend 2 days there) to join me in my little cubby.

One unexpected bonus of being out of work is that I have time to get a bit of exercise.  So I get up before the birds and meet some friends by the river to walk a bit a couple days a week.  Saturday after spending the evening Friday at a wedding reception, I dragged myself out of bed at 7.55am and had to rush to meet the others at 8.  I got there about 4 minutes too late.  Which was just enough time to put me way behind them and unable to catch up.  (They move FAST.)  It was all good though, quiet that I don’t get often.

Also, Hula.
Oh my gods.  I swear my teacher is trying to kill me.  I mean.  I can do the laid back stuff.  I can do chants.  But Tahitian…..  Those women have knees of STEEL.  Thighs of STEEL.  It just makes me want to weep.  She’s very intent on getting me to do shows, which, frankly, I’m still not all that comfortable with.  I danced at the local festival last weekend, and it was ok, but a bit disorganized.  She changes the lineup at the last minute, and then the announcer wasn’t there so we had to wait.  And I was feeling for a couple of the girls, cause their skirts were giving them fits- blowing up and falling down.  We had fun after though.  Got to wander through the fest, and all the pre-show stress and nerves were gone.  And she treated us to festival food, which can make up for a lot (but still won’t convince me to get on stage and do a dance I don’t know.)

D/h wants to record me dancing for my Da’s Yuletide gift or his birthday/father’s day/whatever.  Which means I’d better get to work making my skirt, cause he’ll give me shit about “where’s your pa’u?”  and all…  Actually it’s a really good idea, especially given that one of the bloggers I follow has made up this ‘buy hand for the holidays’ challenge and I’m thinking of taking it up.  Have to see how many gift ideas I can come up with…  Mainly for the Monkey, since most of my other peeps are not as finicky.  Wonder what kind of cool lego sets are on ebay?  Anywhoo, here’s the link if anyone cares to check it out…

Buy Hand for the Holidays Challenge - 2009

I enjoy her blog, she makes me think about things I otherwise might let pass.  There is one person I’m trying to think of something to do for.  She hooked me up with a fabulous birth chart, only I fucked it all up and gave her the wrong birthdate (I’m pretty sure it’s just ’cause I have typing issues, not ’cause I have no idea when I was born).  She’s said she’d redo it for me, but I’d still like to do something in trade.  Thing is I have no idea what and she lives ages away, so it’s not like I can go ‘yeah- I’ll square your garden for you’.  Any ideas would be great!


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