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22 Jun. 2007 war thoughts

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Listening to NPR this morning, I love Diane Rheem (probably spelled her name wrong though).  That woman may sound a bit feeble here and there, but she takes no shit.  All these people on her show, and 99% of the time they are respectful, and cool; but every once in a while there’s one who thinks they can skip or evade questions and she homes in on that shit like radar and presses til she’s satisfied.  Get down with your bad self Diane.  So naturally, they were discussing the war today, cause it’s a pretty deep well, lots of shit to talk about and this guardsman calls in and it got me thinking.  They asked this woman, who is soon to return to Iraq if the soldiers are more worried about mortars or roadside bombs, and guess what she said.  Bombs of course.  The shit you can’t see is what kills you.  Let me state here, I am against war.  War is not the way to answer problems.  It stops them (sometimes), it proves a point (we’re stronger than you and we’ll kick your ass if you cross us)– which is a good point, it’s good to know who can kick your ass and who’s ass you can kick, but it breeds a certain amout of enmity.  Do you want to be best friends with someone who embarassed you in front of the -literally- whole world?  Not likely.  You’ll work with them, you’ll play nice, but if you’re human you’ll probably also do shit behind their backs just to fuck with them.  I would.  Plus, when you factor in all the death, on every side, I just can’t deal with it.  Notice I did not say it’s not worth it.  The revolutionary war was worth it.  Ending slavery was worth it.  I just wish we could figure out a better way to handle things than the way kids would on a playground.  Course for that everyone has to be clearheaded and open minded and willing to try, and not everyone is.  From my point of view, the whole thing is an evil catch 22.  Damned if you do, Fucked if you don’t.  There are times when I can more readily accept that war needs to happen.  Our current action is not one of those.  Yes, saddam was evil, cruel, and needed to be brought to justice.  Yes, the Iraqi people deserve to live lives free of fear of daily torture and horrors.   I don’t think the current war is answering the latter very well though.  (Just by the way here, why do so many people believe saddam attacked us on September 11?  I thought it was clear that the taliban was behind that.  What’s that all about?)  And what about our troops?  That fucker in office doesn’t want to pay them for what they’re doing, not what they deserve, it’s like the military version of minimum wage when compared to the mercenary wage (if I am wrong here, please correct me!)   And, as mentioned before I try to avoid a lot of news, did they ever get the body armor issue straightened out??  How can you send soldiers to war with no protection in this age????  What the fuck is wrong here???  I don’t believe in war, but the people who sign up to do that job have my FULL support, and they should also have the FULL support of the government- backed by protection, training, transport, and weapons to protect their lives while getting the job done.  These people believe so fully in what they do they are willing to give their lives in the name of it.  Who are we to not give them the best tools to come home– safely, in one piece, and as whole as possible?  Also, I think recruting people just on the basis of money is atrocious.  I have heard about promised ‘signing bonus’ type things that makes me want to scream.  Is this stuff true?  More important, do these people really know what they are getting into?  As long as they do, fine.  And part of me wonders how they could not know, but….. still, it seems there are a lot of things people should know that they don’t.  Give them the money, fine, give them a raise, great, but make sure they know what they’re getting into.  Any of you out there in the military, in Iraq or Afganistan  or anywhere else, I support you.  I may not like your job much, and I don’t like your commander in cheif, but you are doing what you believe is right and needs to be done, and I say to you this:  GET YOUR ASSES HOME SAFE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!  Your country loves you, people against the war love you, and if you need help– call me.  Even if I don’t like it.  Take care of yourselves and each other, folks.  At the end of it all, we’re all we’ve got.


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