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22 Oct. 2007 omigod what is this?

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Hello out there in lulu land….  Long time no be….  So I have this nifty new job now, and it’s just great.  It does present one -minor- problem though….. just a teeny, tiny one.  When the hell do I get time to do pretty much anything else again?  I mean seriously!  When did it start taking all day to do one freakin load of dishes?  Oh, yeah.  When I started pegging a full time week.  Right.  See, the problem with that is, having had full time jobs previously (though I will admit it has been a few years going at the leisurely part time pace) I do not recall not being able to finish anything else in one sitting during that time.  It seems to me that other people, who work possibly more hours than me, can complete a load of laundry in just ONE day.  Possibly I’ve misread the situation, and they’re just doing laundry for 4 consecutive days and hoping to catch up– just like me.  Happily though, I do have help!  Oh, the joy of a partner who is not afraid to pick up the random dirty sock (mine generally) and wash more than his own dishes!  Oh, the satisfaction of putting my spawn to work taking out the trash and putting the dry dishes away!  (I’m really looking forward to teaching him how to do laundry!!  )  One thing that’s really cool though (aside from not freaking when more than one bill is due at a time) is that I get coffee time with my man.  In the morning, when the edges are still fuzzy and cuddlewarm, and the house is quiet.  Before the sky wakes and sends me into a frenzy of activity, I can sit in the candle light (who needs bright light that early?) with my man and just be.  It only lasts for about 10 minutes, but it’s the biggest bonus I got when I got my new job.  And now that I’ve made you all gag yet again because I can’t help getting all twee now and then, we move on….  In case I don’t get to see the computer between now and then,
-whichever you prefer-  Either way, dress up, mooch candy, dance in circles, beat the drums, have fun!


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