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23 Aug. 2009 we’re not nice anymore

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Wow, it’s morning and I have a moment to enjoy it.

It’s pretty nice, I have to say.  Not generally being a morning person, I usually get up a bit later and call that morning.  But it’s much quieter now.  I can see why folks might like it.

Autumn has put her foot in the door of Summer, a warning that everything changes, and change happens whether we like it or not.  Does this bode well for me and my job?  One way or another I’ll find out next weekend.  It was cold enough last night that the fan blowing on me made my face hurt and I had to turn it off.  But I love the smell of Fall.  The obvious changes all around me.  I totally get why the ancient Celts felt the veil thinning during that time and said you could speak to those who’d moved on then.  I look forward to Samhain this year.

In the Midwest, where I live, while I was growing up it always seemed like we were fairly nice people.  Hold the door for the person after you.  Nod when you pass someone on the road (obviously not the main streets- you’d look like a bobblehead doll )  A brief wave of thanks when someone lets you out in traffic.  The obvious please and thank yous.  But I’ve noticed lately that that attitude is getting scarcer and scarcer.  A lady was so surprised I held the door for her the other day, she stopped cold and just looked at me for a sec.  Then said thank you and moved along.  I waved at a neighbor when we passed each other driving in the alley yesterday and they just gave me the evil stare.  I have noticed this more and more in daily life.  I wonder if I have an accurate view from here or if I’ve just become an antisocial, cynical person working at the library (who’da thunk, right?).  I have noticed that I am less inclined to trust my fellow people more often than before I worked there.  But either way, it seems to me we spend much more time snarling at each other than smiling, or even just nodding (I’m as guilty of this as anyone else).  I miss the walk-past-a-stranger-how-ya-doin-nod.  You don’t have to speak or even smile, it’s just an acknowledgment of one another’s passing by.  Feeling crappy, just nod.  Feeling happy, grin and nod.  Either way is good.  Beats talking to a stranger and learning more than you might want to know, right?  And yet, you’ve still politely acknowledged their presence and they yours.  It can almost be the equivalent of telling someone to have a nice day, without words.  A nice social interaction with no real effort.  How can you beat that?  So maybe for today I will nod at my neighbors, and smile if I feel like it.  And if they don’t nod back I’ll reharness my snarling energy and sing horribly loud beach boys songs when passing them and maybe they’ll nod the next time, if only in the hopes to avoid my singing.  


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