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23 Oct. 2009 Leaves, healing and witches.

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Looked out the window this morning and saw that the maple in my yard has abruptly turned. She is lovely. Leaves adorn my front walk and make a blanket for the garden beds. Yesterday was glorious. Sun and cloudless sky, warmer than it has been for days. I fear the end of this gloriousness is nigh. It is gray and rainy today. My lawn is golden.

I’ve been taking a class on Homeopathy and have been pleased so far with the results. I do find it slightly frustrating that there are about a bazillion symptoms for each remedy. Until I get a bit more practice in with them, it’ll take forever to sort out which ones to use for what. My teacher is quite knowledgeable though, and not afraid to share her experiences. I love it. One more thing I can use to keep us healthy. Which is good because…

I went to my Hula class on Wednesday only to find it had been canceled because my teacher and her husband both have the flu. I don’t get texts (I know, I live under a rock) and texting is how she communicates Everything to the class. So instead of just calling she opted to let me come over and into the house of flu.

I’ve spent the last 2 days in a state of compleat paranoia. Ug. I figure if I haven’t got it by now though, I’m ok. (Knocks on wood)

Tomorrow is my herbal class and I’m afraid I’ve used up all my knowledge. I know this is unlikely, but still…. My cousin, who’s taking the class, says there’s no way and that I’m doing fine. I have difficulty believing her, but I’m working on it. At least it’s a small, understanding class. They’ll tell me if I frog it up. We’ll be covering tinctures and glycerites. One of my students is only 18, so guess who’s going to be making a glycerite! I have all the stuff I need, just have to print the monographs. It’s nice to be prepared.

Also been working on my costume for Halloween. Betcha can’t guess what I’m going as this year!! A witch! Ahahahaha! (There are some who would say it’s no costume, just removing the mask- and they’d be right.) I’m putting together a hat which I’m very excited about- hopefully it will match my socks which I love! Have to post pics when I get it done. (That is, when all the glue dries.) Bear sez he’s gonna be a devil, so does that mean I’m at his beck and call or he’s at mine? Hmmm.. guess it depends on which story you read.


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