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23 Oct 2010 zen and the art of hallowe’en, and whatnot

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Today is getting ready for Hallowe’en day.  Been running about like a maniac (albeit a well planned one) getting the last bits for costumes, making props and generally cleaning up whilst the boys carry on with webbing and so forth.  Heading off to Zombie’s house for a smashing time this evening.  And!  There will be much Cake!!  Hurrah!  I think none of our costumes are exact to what is generally thought of them, but they will be fun nonetheless.

Been searching desperately for a place to listen to new music lately, since it seems every radio station in my area will only play the same ten songs from the 80’s at the moment.  Urk.  If I have to hear George Michael one more time, I may commit a felony.  Been bouncing all over on lastfm and grooveshark and have found a bit, but there seems to be no ‘new music’ search.  Or how about ‘music from the last 6 months’.  Maybe ‘music the mainstream ignores on general principle’.  That would be ok.

Anyway, at the moment I’ve found Vampire Weekend, which is pretty good.  The album on grooveshark is their first, released in 2008.  So not ‘new’, but new to me at least.  Beats the fuck out of George Michael.  And Michael Jackson.  Heehee.  Now, if only the radio would do all this for me…..

All else has been pretty well alright… the Dalai Lama was in my ‘hood not too long ago and left some of his good vibes lingering about, so I’ve been just trying to carry on with the mellow zen-like vibe.  I suppose I’d better run off and spray Monkey’s hair green for him before he has some kind of attack thinking I’ve forgotten.

Cheers y’all…


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