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24 Mar 2010 Ghosts and Spring cleaning

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….It’s been forever and ever since I was here.  Mainly just being spastic around the house.

Spring is here and I feel compelled to sort and shift, clear and clean.  In small moments.  The major mood hasn’t hit yet… that’s when I look at the boys and go ‘don’t you have something to do away from the house today?  Like, ALL day??’  I have a block about cleaning with others in the house.  I get all frustrated and angry that they’re not doing things MY way.  Safer for them just to go fishing or something.  It hasn’t *quite* been warm enough to throw all the windows open yet, but it’s getting there.  Soon.

Also, I’ve been distracted by the dead lately.

(I know, it’s nowhere near Samhain, right?!)

About 10 years ago I started work on my family tree, then ran into roadblocks and put it down for a bit.  I’ve taken it back up, and found myself compleatly obsessed with the beloved dead lately.  Spent 3 days (of only coffee and food) online finding all kinds of goodies.  It started to taper off around day 4, but I was still up til 2 or 3 am the next few nights.  I have it (mostly) under control now.

Found all kinds of goodies though….  For instance, in addition to the Hawaiian blood, I’m also touched with African, German, Bohemian (Czech/Austrian?), and Scots-Irish.  No wonder I get confused so often… Bear’s line is just as interesting.  And the massive amount of people I’ve found amazes me.  Cousins of cousins.  Masses of cousins.  I know birth control is a (relatively) new thing, historically speaking, but seriously?  14 kids?  I know some of them are like emergency back up kids, but…. just…. seriously???  Sheesh.

Amid all these ghosts, I’m trying not to panic about the talk I’m supposed to give on April 1st about using herbs for healing.  I have next to nothing planned.  I thought about just getting up there and rattling on, but that seems scarier than having a plan.  So I’ve 2 pages of notes that will take me about 3 minutes to get through.

I’m supposed to speak for 15 minutes.  Yikes.

I suppose I’d better get to it.  Hope all is groovy out there in happy land.  A very Happy Spring to all!


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