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25 Jul. 2007 general chatter….

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A quiet day today in the grease factory.  We’ve lost Giggles, but it was his own damn fault– he was jackassing around.  Actually, he’s damn lucky I didn’t throttle him Friday.  Generally, he’s been a fairly good worker; but he just didn’t prove out.  Here we are, getting our asses handed to us (I mean like 40 people in front and more coming in– we had a car show…aak.), and this fucker decides that since we’re shorthanded, he’s gonna make like 14 fish, and just put them up– even though we didn’t need them AT ALL.  So, I’m trying to be cool, and trying to be patient– right up til I realize what he’s doing.  So I figure, fuck it, I’ll go make my own damn food.  — Now, we have this new “manager” who’s 23.  While I have no problem taking my orders from someone younger, I do have issues when that person is a total fucking waste.  How this guy convinced them he’d be a good manager is beyond me entirely; I’d suggest he slept with someone, but he’s gay and choices in upper management are nil in that department.  Also, I’ve never met someone so focused on pointing out his gayness (is that a word?).  It’s made me not believe he’s gay, just trying to convince us he is.  Then again, I think he’s an ass in general, so there we are.  It’s personal bias–  I don’t like worthless fucks.  Let’s see, I think I’ll call him……Plastiqueer. So, with that information, we carry on.–  I go into the kitchen to get my own food, and there’s Plastiqueer– just standing there, staring at the screen like it’s in Chinese.  UUUMMMM, WHAT THE FUCK??  I’ve been telling them what I needed, I’ve been telling them where they should be in the orders, and we’re getting our asses kicked and he’s JUST STANDING THERE????  This guy is supposed to be a MANAGER????  Seriously.  Just pause for a moment and imagine the restraint yours truly showed in not just slugging the fucker.  After many futile attempts at making my own stuff (the guys just standing in my way- literally), I said “fuck this.”  And walked away.  I went and told Stressman that I had to be up front or I wouldn’t be responsible for my actions, and he told me that was fine, that he needed me up there anyway.  So the long and short of it (too late, I know) is, eventually help arrived, Daddy-o pissed off Stressman and got sent home, and Giggles got fired.  More drama though friends…. Giggles went home to tell Mommy, and Mommy came in and started screaming at Stressman, who called the police, which pissed off…. you get the idea.  By the end, our customers had got dinner and a show, plus the car show.  Who knew.  I think I’ll write a book about all this.  Think of it– it’d be bigger and better than Hell’s Kitchen.  I’d make millions.  Course I’d probably get slapped with a big -ass lawsuit too.  Y’know, if Giggles had let me in ahead of time on the evil plan of the day (if that’s what it was), I’d have gone along merrily.  He just caught me at the wrong moment and with no warning.  He certainly put a major wrench in the works.  I believe he has the soul of a true saboteur.  I forgot to put it up here, but the week before last he flipped a bunch of switches in a couple of the breaker boxes and we had no soda for about an hour.  Talk about gleeful evil genius…. It was beautiful, all these people forced to drink better stuff than soda.  The manager running around compleatly confused, and the only one really concerned.  Too bad Giggles couldn’t hold his temper and improve his timing….  Ah well, can’t have it all.  As far as Plastiqueer goes, I am actively pointing out his flaws to Lavenderandlace; who, it turns out, has noticed almost all of these on her own (she’s not there all the time, now is she?).  Maybe she’s not so bad…. She does seem to be making an effort, and that’s worth something.  I called yesterday and asked Climber if I should still come in even though I have poison ivy.  She said yes.  When I got there today, Lavenderandlace looked at me like I should’ve stayed home.  But, she figured since I was already there, she may as well put me to work.  Doesn’t that go against some health code or something?  I didn’t work in the kitchen, but still– eeep.  We have new toys at work, and they’re quite popular characters, and you would not believe the rush to get them.  Sold lots of meals for curtain climbers.  I, however, (pirate that I am) got all the ones we have at the moment.  And then some for a friend.  And then I wondered if I should get extras just in case….  But you have to stop sometime…right?  D/h enjoys his– he’ll take them to work and hassel the boys there with them.  I just want 2 for myself, and that’s out of about 15 or so.  Can’t wait to get the next cases in….  it’s good that I take a bag to work, else I’d have trouble carrying all my treats home!!  I guess that’s all I have to report today.  It seems like there should be more.  I’m looking forward to the opening of the Simpsons Movie on Friday, and the Bourne Ultimatum in August, and OHMYGOD I almost forgot– they’ve made a movie version of the Golden Compass!!!  If you haven’t read this book/series, I highly recommend it!  The movie is due out this Winter, and I’M SO EXCITED!!!  When we saw the trailer for it, I must’ve bruised d/h’s arm I poked him so hard.  Yeah, it’s gonna rock….  Armored Bears and all.  I’m sooo excited!  ANYway, now that I’ve proven what an absolute dork I am, I’m gonna go cook dinner.  Have a glass of wine, a nice chat with someone you love, and a peaceful evening in general.


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