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25 Jun. 2007 well we’re movin’ on up… or just movin’ at least

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Home from the grease factory at last; freedom is nice.  The ice machine got fixed at the end of last week, and so did the air, so it wasn’t quite as hellish as it could’ve been.  Thank you Mr. Fix It.  Still hot though, it is a kitchen after all.  Fairly good crew today and work got done.  Mostly.  Babyluv will be moving on soon, she found something better and I say to that GOOD FOR YOU BABY!!!  She’ll even have insurance (something we minions don’t get at all.)  It is amazing how greasy everything in that place gets, even if you try to keep up.  When I got there, walking was just controlled sliding and even after I mopped, within 20 minutes or so we were back to sliding.  Yeck.  I heard today that we have little furry friends living in the building too.  I have seen no evidence of this recently (although we do tend to see buns that have been nibbled at in the winter– don’t worry most of the crew won’t use them), so I’m not sure what to think about this.  It could be another minion fucking with management or it could be true.  Honestly, either way is possible (after all, it is fun to fuck with management.  And so easy too.  heehee)  The great thing about that is, it’s not all that uncommon in the fast food industry for “vermin” to take up residence in the buildings.  Especially when it’s cold.  I am happy to report, however, that as gross as that place can be, I have never seen a roach in there.  Bleck, those things are nasty.  Anyway.  I keep mentioning insurance and better pay to Climber (upper management), but she must think I’m kidding, because she never responds.  Just looks at me and walks away.  Maybe she figures  that if she just leaves the area, I’ll forget.  Ummmmm, not fucking likely.  I have a mind like a steel trap.
What was I talking about?
Right.  So I’m pretty sure if Climber could afford to fire me and know they wouldn’t be compleatly fucked on my shifts, she would seriously consider it at the very least.  It’s not my fault she has no sense of humor and doesn’t know how to play with the big kids.  (I’ve given up playing with her– she takes me seriously, which is why I think she doesn’t like me.)  Also, in my personal opinion, she takes her job way too seriously and in doing so, sucks all the fun out of work (it can be fun once in a while, you just have to figure out how to talk and work at the same time).  Ever put on a shirt with the hanger still in it?  That’s what it’s like when Climber is there.  It’s even worse when Boyprince is there (almost, but not quite Topdog– who is actually very nice– why can’t we have him instead of the others?)   I keep telling the other minions we should unionize or do a work slow-down or something, but I know they’re right when they tell me management would just fire our asses and hire new minions.  Sad shite, that.   Course, everyone’s got to pay the bills, right?  And around here you have to take what you can get.  Ah well, what do you do?  Bust your hump for minimum wage and hope you find something better soon.  So congratulations, Babyluv, on your step up.  I hope it keeps getting better for you.  The rest of us will get there eventually.  Peace.


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