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26 Dec. 2007 ripping down the decorations while consuming plonk

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Man, am I glad the holidays are over.  I know it sounds awful, but I cannot wait to have the time to take all this crap down!  It’s great in season, but for me the season ends the day after the actual holiday…. I don’t know how folks can stand to leave it all up all year long.  I think I’d kill myself.  And it’s not just the winter holidays either, at Halloween we do major decorating inside and out, and on the 1st of November, that shit just disappears!  It’s like it was never unpacked in the first place!  All this happens before lunch.  (it’s compulsive, I know, but it’s how I maintain my peace of mind)  All I have to survive now is a birthday (the boy will be 10!  Shit, how did that happen?), and an Anniversary (11 years worth of proof that D/H likes me, no matter what anyone else says! )  After that, it’s smooth sailing til Halloween again.  (Everything in between is a cakewalk… I like cake…. wonder what leftovers we have…. Sorry, I digress… all that ham y’know….)  Hope everyone had a good holiday.  Mine was remarkably quiet.  It lasts for a few days since we do Yule at home, then Eve with one part of the fam, and Day with my cousin and her fam.  A surprising 6 days off (my job rocks!) and 3 days of presents!!!!!  Doesn’t get much better- especially now I’ve figured out how not to be around all the psychotic, dysfunctional members of my family!!  Yay me!!!  (Also, Yay for my extremely tolerant D/H, who put up with it for many years and let me decide when enough was enough- a good choice on both sides, I think.)  So now here I sit, drinking my cheap red plonk (is this a redundancy?  I blame said plonk…), reviewing my holiday and all the goodies I got and the handful of really fab presents I got to give (it’s not often that I can say “OMIGODHE’SGONNALOVETHIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and really mean it.  I got to a couple of times this season!)  Now if I can think of something equally good to get Monk for his birthday.  Hmmm.. Open to suggestions here.  I think I used up all the really fab ideas on Yule.  Get to go to a fab New Year’s party and New Year’s Day off (a novelty for me) and so I’ll get to see how well my last two gifts to give go over.  Hope they like them.  I’m not sure weather I’ve resolutions or not for this year.  I’m lucky if I can stick with a resolution for a day, much less a year!  Maybe that’s it, I’ll just work day by day on a ‘better version of me’.  But better in the Evil sense or the Angelic sense?  Maybe this is not such a hot idea.  Reminds me of the saying ‘if you can’t be good, be good at it.’  That got me into all kinds of weird places back in the day.  Yeah, I’m not sure I need to go there.  I get into enough trouble as it is.  Maybe I’ll just forgo the whole thing, and just try not to eat so much cake– it’ll be tough though, I really like cake.  Really.
(on a side note here, does the amount of wine one consumes correspond directly to the number of times the word fab can be used in one sitting?  In my case, the answer seems to be yes….)

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