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26 Jul. 2007 anyone got a magic potion for poison ivy??

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I itch.  Mostly just in one spot (happily), but that spot has tainted any would-be harmless little itches.  Friends, I’ve acquired a mild case of poison ivy.  I blame my dog, but she denies it.  Is, in fact, offended that I would even suggest such a thing.  If I mention it to her, she will walk away; course she comes back in a sec because she thinks she’s physically incapable of being away more than 5 seconds…  but I think here it’s the effort that matters.  I have a spot the size of a quarter or maybe a half dollar on my forearm that has- until early this morning- attempted to drive me out of my mind.  And from that, every little itch elsewhere has become a possible outbreak.  Talk about paranoia.  I was sure I had it on my scalp for about 30 seconds earlier.  Also, my thigh, the back of my knee, my shoulder blade, my stomach, my bellybutton, under a bra strap…. you get the idea.  At least the real itching has eased up.  That happened around 4 this morning when the medicine I put on it had dried my skin so much all I had to do was move and one of the blisters burst…..  People I was dead asleep!  Talk about a rude awakening.  Immediately I got up and had to deal with weeping blisters and the fear of spreading it everywhere–  A warranted fear, as last summer when I had it, it covered my right side from armpit to hip, from side to the middle of my ribs and across my waistline (I blame the denims)– I’m not sure I could’ve had more fun if I tried!!  I’m pretty sure it started in the same area, too…..  Jeez, no wonder I’m so friggin’ paranoid.  So having burst the blisters to get all the scary toxic oil out of them at 4 in the morning, and decided to attempt to get some sleep anyway, I lay down… ah, BUT, not having any gauze or the like large enough to just stick on and cover it while I slept, I had to hold a tissue over it to keep it from getting all over the bed.  So it was more like a series of catnaps than sleep, cause I had to keep changing the tissue.  Urgh.  When I finally got to work, naturally I had to show off my battle wounds (secretly I was hoping to get sent home….).  I am very pleased with myself in the MOST childish way!!  I grossed out 3 people before I got it covered. I know it’s evil, but it’s fun and they don’t mind– they’d do the same for me….  I forgot to mention that it looks like a burn that had the flesh ripped off it.  But only in a small, but noticeable area… really I don’t think it’s that bad….  OOHH, I almost forgot!!  Littlemama called me and told me she’s gonna have a girl!!!  I love being right!  Poor thing’s a nervous wreck though about having a girl, she’s used to boys.  I promised her it would be ok, and that her boy would toughen his sister up in no time….  I just hope she decides on a good name– the father wants to name it after a car.  Cadillac or some such….  Not too sure about that (mostly because it was in combination with another name that would make the poor kid a target at school).  I guess we’ll find out won’t we!  I have a betting pool on when she’ll have it and how much weight she’ll gain (this child was tiny– like a size 1 or something).  She doesn’t mind, cause she gets half the money in leiu (?) of a baby shower.  I told her she ought to save it for a day out after the baby is born.   I’m pleased for her, even though the circumstances aren’t ideal, she’s making the best of it and I think she’ll do alright in the end.  What else….. hmmm, wow, I guess that’s it for the grease pit!  Yay me!! No drama!!  Woohoo!!


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