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26 Jun. 2007 enlightenment in a can

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A question for anyone who reads this…..Have you ever been enlightened?  Illuminated?  Had an epiphany?  What is this?  For myself, I define it as the string of moments in which the comment “all is one” makes sense, and you know with every particle of your being that you truly are no different from the trees, grass, your neighbor or whatever.  The unending time frame when you can see through the illusion we create, and know that none of this matters and it all matters.  When you can feel within your core the progress of the beetle on a leaf, the beating of a butterfly’s wings all the way in Peking.  I have been blessed with this experience twice.  If you haven’t experienced this yet, I’m sorry.  There is nothing I can tell you that will get you there.  It will set upon you like a bolt from the blue and there will be no escaping it.  I was riding down the road the first time it happened to me, and it’s a good thing I wasn’t driving because we probably would’ve wrecked.  When I started babbling to d/h, bless him, he took it right in stride and we changed plans.  Even though I wasn’t too sure what was going on at the time, I tried to explain it to him, and was frustrated with the knowledge that it wasn’t getting all the way through.  The thing is, even if it had, the experience would probably be different for him.  I think it is probably different for each of us.  Not only is it coloured by our experiences, but also by our spiritual views.  By who we are in our innmost soul.  I think enlightenment comes in flashes because if we experienced it all the time, we would transcend.  Period.  No finishing the life, no “hey, have a look at this”, no finishing up.  Just a flash, here one minute, transcendant the next.  “Hey Buddah, how ya doin’?  Mother Teresa, what’s up? Good to see ya’ll…”  And I’m not sure that’s what it’s all about.  At least in theory.  If you are lucky enough to hold this mystical water in your hand at some point, don’t try to hold it.  Enjoy it, experience it, and let it flow.  Everyone knows that when you hold too tightly to a living thing, it tries to escape.  So let it flow.  That may be a good way to get there in the first place.  A little road music wouldn’t hurt, either.


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