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27 Aug. 2007 there is no joy in muddville

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Alas, it is not to be.  Heard from the job thing, and it would appear that someone better qualified came to the attention of the good folks at the land of Good-Job.  Bunk, I know, but on the upside the guy I interviewed with recommended me for a position in another department.  We shall see.  The grease pit has been alternating between absolute misery and not too awful, but it still has to go.  There have been firings of late- one of which I’m very unhappy about.  I can understand getting rid of the folks who don’t work, that’s a sensible thing to do.  But some of these latest ones are just stupid.  You don’t fire someone over something small and idiotic.  You write them up, suspend them even.  Especially when the person in question is a good worker with potential to be a better worker.  Stupid.  Also, they pulled a typical (asshole) stunt- and waited til the end of his shift to tell him.  I know this is fairly common, but it’s still a greasy, shitty thing to do. I mean, if they’re not good enough to work there at all, why let them finish the shift?  I know, childish and whatever, but I think it was unreasonable to fire him for the stupid little thing he didn’t do (that he should have) once.  Oh well.  Just as well I don’t have my heart set on management.  I don’t think they’d like my version of it anyway.
I had a thought the other day (bet people around me could smell the smoke from THAT fire).  I’ve heard about tipping points and generally how they work and I was thinking- if there’s a tipping point in just about everything we do, there must be one where money is concerned.  Right?  Like……. you work and work and start to save money, and at first there’s not even a point in having it in the bank cause the interest it earns is like .03 cents a month (if that).  But then you get to a certain point (the tipping point) where the amount is finally big enough to start earning dollars instead of just cents.  Then another point when it becomes tens, then hundreds and so on.  And each time it takes slightly less time to get to that tipping point (even if it does seem like forever while you’re waiting).  Right?  (I know that compounding interest doesn’t hurt either…)  But are there tipping points in human relationships too?  I think maybe.  I mean, what happens when friendship becomes love?  What about those times when friendships seem to just fade away and the next thing you know it’s been 10 years?  There’s a time when you still try and then there comes a point when you just figure, let it go.  Clearly I need to do more research on this.  I just wonder if there’s a tipping point for jobs.  Y’know, ‘cross this point in time, and you’re doomed to work here for ever’.  Eep.  Course, if you’ve a good job, I guess it would be a good thing.  I mean, I know that for me, the longer I work somewhere, the higher the odds are of me being too lazy or scared to go look for something new.  It’s easier to just stay with the status quo in some cases (at least until you hit the breaking point, at which time you find yourself quoting George Jones— ‘take this job and shove it’, you storm out and realise you have no other plan and immediately have to self medicate with alcohol and chocolate in order to calm down… but I’ve only heard of that….)  Anyway, I think all this is a (very) roundabout way of buoying myself until the next interview– and there WILL be a next interview- I insist!  Hopefully, if I don’t get the next one, I will at least not spend the week following feeling like a compleat bugturd.  But I did get over it, and am hopeful for the next thing.  I’m working on reinstating some of the blind optimism I had as a teenager…. It’s all good…right?


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