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27 Jul. 2007 where’d my enlightenment go? (had it here somewhere….)

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Ok, so here’s the setup.  See, there was this new age bookshop down the road from me for a while.  Evidently they didn’t manage things too well, and they went out of business.  So, I guess they had merchandise left that needed a home and they sold to this person who used to work there.  She takes the stuff and sort of sets up a back room in another small local shop.  She says she wants to expand and have herbs and oils and stuff too.  So, I give her the name of a high quality, ethical, organic herb wholesaler (that would be mountain rose herbs– whose prices are (IMHO) quite reasonable.  For me there really isn’t a question.  Part of being pagan is concern for the planet and one of the ways that manifests is by supporting organic and ethical suppliers wherever I can.  So, I’m thinking, no question, she should go there– she’s pagan, and she seems earth conscious, among other things….  Can you see where this is going?  Just imagine my surprise when she opted for another (more well-known in the pagan community) supplier.  I asked if they were organic also, and she said she didn’t think so, but they had cheaper products and a better bulk discount.  (Again, in my mind this is totally worth it to have products that have never heard of pesticides, or been over-harvested from the wild– for a list of some of these check out — they’ll give you the lowdown.)  I’ve been walking around with this in the back of my mind for days, and only realised how pissed I am about it today.  It surprised me, actually, that I hadn’t let it go when I thought I did.  I understand the need to keep overhead down and profit up.  Truly I do.  Having known several business owners, I’ve seen it firsthand.  But I also know that if it’s worth doing, it should be done well.  I know people aren’t perfect…. I’m even (generally) ok with that.  But it seems to me that, when confronted with the opportunity for improvement, we should take it.  That doesn’t mean we will– we’re people and sometimes (ok, often) people are dumb (I assure you there are times when I lead THAT charge….)  The thing that’s eating me is…. (guess)…. SHE’S PAGAN………  If anyone should be making the extra effort to not use poison on the earth it’s a pagan–right?  Maybe I’m being too hard.  Maybe I expect too much.  I’m willing to concede that.  I don’t buy all organic all the time (how I’d love to though…)  But I try to do so where the most pesticides are used– fruit and veg, milk, coffee.  I try to make decisions conscious of the larger effects they will have.  Fair trade, organic, shade-grown coffee means the farmers get paid a decent wage and the rainforest isn’t destroyed in the name of my morning ritual.  Plus, it makes me feel really good (especially when coupled with organic 1/2 and 1/2 and the -rare- organic sugar).  It makes me think ‘I didn’t poison anything for my coffee this morning!  Yay me!’  (Course I try not to think about things like shipping… I know!  Maybe you can grow coffee in Ohio?  That would be cool!)  Anyway, you get the idea.  So, yeah, I’m disappointed, again, by someone in a group of people I expect to have higher standards, again, cause I’ve got the bar raised too high, again.  So who should I be pissed at?  Probably not the blissfully ignorant.  Probably not someone who’s just trying to get an enterprise going.  Maybe I should be looking at myself, the person who sets standards for strangers. Possibly, it’s my own expectation of others that needs to be rethought.  Possibly I should just not have expectations, so if they don’t get met, I can’t tell anyway.  I’m sure the Buddhists have some sage advice for me, I just can’t think what it might be… but I bet it falls in line with the ‘no expectations’ thing.  Have to work on that.
In other news, today at the grease pit I got to hang out in the drive thru window (poison ivy is good for something after all– seems you can’t work in the kitchen if you have it…. ).  So, I’m the girl passing your food to ya and taking your money (if only it were mine to keep!), and I open the window to give this carload of guys their food (and had heard murmurs that the car was awfully smokey.. a warning perhaps?), and what happens?  People, it was like a fog.  Smoke ROLLING out of this car like it was on fire!  Those fellas were so stoned it was amazing they could see!  I can only hope what they got satisfied the munchies I know they must’ve had.  Climber and Tweedledee were not amused.  I, however, found it quite funny, and fully appreciated their wishing me a ‘ Happy Friday, Babe ‘.   So I pass it along to you (sans the high and the smoke, but with a glass of wine instead)–
Happy Friday Y’all,


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