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27 Jul. 2009 iiiit’s BOOB week!!!

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Well, who knew that I’d be treated to a (frightening) show when I got to work today?  Certainly not me.  And had I been given a choice, I would have passed.  But then, I guess there’s nothing quite like looking up from the desk to see a pair of extremely large breasts holding a cigarette pack thrusting themselves out of their covering at you.  (Yes, you read that right)… eeesh. Polaroid got to help her, poor thing.  After, I asked her how difficult it was to avoid looking at her chest, (which she was resting on the counter), and she said EXTREMELY.  I gave her points for her ability to focus on the task at hand and not run screaming.  As a bonus, the female in question was 16.  Yikes.  Hope she’s got a chiropractor all sorted.

Last week was a real treat as well; sorting out the roofers, dead car battery (and the fried wire that followed), questionable tie rods/cv joints in the other car, and… the library still stringing me (and all the rest of the staff) along.  No word yet as to the criteria for staff cuts, or how soon it will happen.  The closest thing to information we’ve gotten is that “reductions” and changes should all be “in place” by 1 September.  There is still some question, however, if they will wait to issue pink slips until that afternoon.  I wouldn’t put it past them, dirty cowardly bastards.  (Yeah, I feel GREAT toward the library right now.)  Spazcat is losing her mind entirely- she’s already decided she’s on the cut list and will lose her house, car, and have to leave her personal possessions in a bin by the road.  And she won’t stop telling everyone about it.  All the time.  Anywhere.  She cornered me this morning to ask about unemployment and how difficult is it to sign up (since d/h had to and therefore I’m an authority on it) cause she’s sure she’ll get cut.  If it was just a question it wouldn’t be so bad, but she has this record in her mind that just repeats constantly and she repeats it aloud.  I do feel for her, she lives only with her cat and all her family is away and she’s short on folks to vent to.  Still, it’s gotten so I hide on my lunchbreak.  I caught Queen searching for jobs online while she was on desk.  I don’t care (all the work was done- which is why she’s Queen), but I wonder what it means (aside from the obvious) and how many others are being just as open about it as she.  Vitagirl is creating her own reality that what needs to happen will happen (which reading it here seems a bit of a cop-out).  Some folks have just given up entirely and stopped doing anything, and others are working their asses off trying to make the point that “I’m a fucking great worker and this place would fall down without me, and you NEED ME DAMMIT!!”  As for myself…… I’m just waiting to see (which I’m not very good at) and I figure I’ll just do one thing at a time, and what comes I’ll look at when it gets here.  (Happily the roof is almost all squared away so that’s one thing down. )  Fingers crossed we all survive and our sanity is only a little damaged.


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