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29 Mar 2010 Of course I’m not procrastinating… why do you ask?

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..I should be in bed.  Or working on my ‘lecture’ (haha).  Instead I’m sitting in the office, a cider nearby, assing around.  Pointedly ignoring what I should be doing.

In the spirit of that….

Working at the Chinese is remarkably easy this time around.  I seem to recall my last stint working there ending on a point of ‘If I have to listen to that woman bitch at me about one more thing I may have to kill her.’  I don’t know if she’s mellowed, or I have, or both; but it’s much nicer.  We verbally poke one another, laugh, and carry on with what needs to be done.  Even when I get bad customers (you know, the ones who run you all over for 72 different things the leave you a .50 cent tip?  Or none at all?).  I grumble, she grumbles with me and the next time they come in, she takes the table (she doesn’t accept tips, so she doesn’t care if they don’t offer.)  I think it amuses her when they come in and I look at her and say ‘this one’s all you’.

It’s nice to be treated like an equal and not have my boss looking down her nose at me just because I’m not a boss too.  Although we have plenty of customers I think would do just that, but that’s a whole other bag of yarn…..

A friend’s mom asked me if Bear and I would be interested in putting some perennials in her garden for her this Spring.  Um….. YES!!!!  We’re going to have a look at it tomorrow or Wednesday.  It’s a huge bed with a dozen or so daylilly plants here and there in it and a big empty space in between.  Yay!!  Fingers crossed we can get this gardening thing to take off and fly like a big ole bird.  I would love to work for myself or Bear (he’s no too bad a boss at all….)  We have a couple other folks to contact now that the snow is gone, and hopefully we’ll have a full roster at the end of the season.  ***wishwishwish***

Looking forward to me own garden this year.  I *think* the Lilac is finally going to bloom.  Bear swears there are flower buds just under the new leaves.  I haven’t had a good look yet, but I’m willing to believe him.  That’s 3 years of patience that might actually pay off!  We have broccoli in already, since it’s pretty tolerant of the cooler/cold weather.  (The plants last summer kept giving right up until late Decemberish- I think.  Sturdy little fellas, aren’t they?)  I think we’re doing zucchini again, y’know, so Mooch has something to snack on while she’s hanging in the garden barking at the neighbors.  Wouldn’t want her to feel left out, would we?  I wonder if we should grow some peanuts for Puppa….  Bear brought a bag of roasted peanuts home and made the error of dropping one to him, and ever since Bear doesn’t get to eat peanuts in peace.  Puppa is right there waiting for his share.  Mooch has gotten to like them too….

For the moment I’ve daffodils, narcissus, hyacinths, muscari, and lemon balm- among others- waking in the garden.  It’s glorious, even if it has been raining the last few days.  I can’t wait for the warm to stay.


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