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3 Aug. 2007 if it gets any hotter….. also fun with colour

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Omygoditwashottoday!  I thought I’d melt into a puddle of sweat and the folks at the grease pit would take one look and say…. “Get the mop”.  Supposedly the air is fixed, but I don’t believe it for one fucking moment!  I’m not the only one either.  People were practically climbing into the ice machines.  It felt like a million degrees in the kitchen and the front wasn’t any better.  Also, friends, I know we all love the air conditioning in our cars.  But I learned an important thing today:  When you go to the drive-thru on a really hot day, and your air is on, the exhaust from your car feels about 10 times hotter than when the air is off.  I don’t know if it actually is hotter, but ugh, it’s enough to choke a body.  I was at the window this afternoon thinking ‘cool, I get to have a breeze at least’ and wound up gagging on hot, HOT car exhaust instead.  So the new commandment is:  Thou shalt turn down thy air when thou stopest at the drive thru, so as not to kill the poor soul working there!  Lesse, what else…. Humbleass has an abscess tooth, and not having insurance, I assume he won’t go to the dentist.  So Littlemama and I were threatening to hold him down and dose him with our leftover antibiotics (help or torture?  You decide…)  But he’s having none of it.  Apparently he enjoys pain.  Lavenderandlace has, I believe, recognised at last how deep the hole she found herself in when Babyluv left is.  Poor thing.  I was talking with some of the crew about how to create ‘teamwork’ in the kitchen (and the odds of it working) and wondering how she planned on doing it yesterday– it took me til today to realise she’s already trying and I just hadn’t noticed.  That’s me, master of the obvious!!
OOh!  Also– I got callbacks from 2 potential jobs this week.  Had the interview with one and am waiting (and HOPING) to get one with the second.  Cross your fingers, kids.  The pay is better either way, and possible benefits with one!  After I got the calls, I was so excited I thought I was going to implode.  Yay me!  Someone is willing to hire me other than fast food!!  (I was beginning to wonder….)
My poison ivy is nearly gone.  It now looks like a burn or scar.  It still itches here and there, though, and so I remain vigilant and paranoid to ensure it’s total annihilation.  (That’s my big word for the day…. yes, I’m special..)  Wondering what to do with myself this weekend, as I have some free time.
Any ideas? 


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