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3 Sep 2008 thoughts on spaghetti, burns and glasses

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Had the day off for labor day, and so invited a few friends to the house for grilled food, junk food, booze, and whatever else came up.  Someone had the idea to make a vat of spaghetti and given the fair amount of folks who showed up, it seemed like a good idea at the time….  So the sauce is heating, the pasta cooking and I’m chatting with River, checking the pasta and then -can you see it coming?- as I’m carrying this huge stock pot of pasta to the sink to drain, the potholder slips.  But only on one side, so at least to begin with I guess the water must’ve gone down my leg.  My inner genius (and survival instinct) cause me to leap back away from the motherfuckingHOT water, and before I can actually leap, I slip instead.  Thank all the gods that are or ever were that River was there.  She had me up and away from all that mess before you could say hot.  And I did say it, several times.  Also lucky was the fact that I happened to be wearing a skirt (something almost unheard of for me), cause if I’d been in denims I’m almost certain I’d’ve gone to the hospital.  As it is, I spent a few hours (or at least it felt like it) hosing off with cold water in the tub and quite a while just soaking my leg in cold water.  Two days later, and the idea of wearing a shoe makes me extremely nervous, pants are still out of the question.  Poor River, I think I scared her to death, and naturally D/h was very concerned- he went and bought the array of burn remedies- honey, aloe, solarcaine.  I’m pretty sure my boss thinks I’m using being burned as a fake reason for time off- but honestly, I’m so superstitious about that shit, I wouldn’t make it up.  I guess I could show her the pretty design on my left thigh if she likes…. even if what I’d like to show her is my unburned middle finger.. Rum insists that I should throw away the offending pot- but I’m pretty sure it’s the potholders’ fault I got burned, heehee.  Ah well, such is life.              In other news….  I got reading glasses.  The doc sez I don’t “need” them, but that they’ll help with the appalling headaches I get sometimes, D/h sez they’re sexy- I’ll take that.  Dinner is ready, with no effort on my part.  Once more D/h has gone above and beyond- just one of the reasons I keep him around.  The other is that he’s cute…..


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