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31 Jan 2010 snippetts

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A few comments from the peanut section, if you like.

I’ve been trying to take more pictures, just in case the time comes when I really can’t remember anything.  Then at least I’ll be able to look and say how pretty the colours are, and aren’t those people lovely?  Here’s a few lovelies from the last couple days:

My darling daisies reflecting the camera flash giving me a brief flashback to the days of sun and summer.  Ahh..

The infamous cobra sweater…  See that bit that sort of flares out at the bottom of the big purple section?  It does that on both sides.  My friend commented early on that it looked like I was knitting a sweater for a cobra and I liked the idea well enough to name it that.   Heehee.  Finally finished it in a burst of optimism and persistence.

The pup and his space heater.  2 seconds before I turned on the camera he was in the funniest position (the ongoing joke being ‘Oh no, the puppy has been hit by a car again…’  Morbid, I know, but still funny.)   Someday I WILL catch him in this position and get a good picture of it before he sits up.  Even if it involves tape and string.


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