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4 Jul. 2007 let’s go blow some stuff up…

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Hello ya’ll.  Hope this finds you well.  Happy 4th, try not to burn the neighborhood down with your celebrations.  Had a bit of wine and so am feeling a bit light in the brains.  We have new neighbors now, in a house that, for all the noise the previous tenant made, may as well have been empty since we bought ours (years).  I expected to have a more dramatic reaction to this, as I am largely a love-your-neighbor-so-long-as-they’re-miles-away kind of gal.  (Not great experiences previously)  So far though, it hasn’t been bad.  They have kids, which means I have someone new to frighten, and let’s face it, new toys are fun… (just kidding….sort of).  Also, she brought her garden with her, and I have to respect that.  Apparently they made a special trip for the plants….. how could that not be worthy?  So, I’m willing to let her spawn play un-bothered.  So long as they don’t get into MY garden.  Anyway, hopefully they’ll stay on their side of the fence and we can be good neighbors to one another.  I spoke with my folks recently and they renewed their offer to help us out if we move out west where they are.  Talk about the sticks….. it’s just my kind of place, except for the cold.  Damn cold winters there.  And the people I love are all mostly here.  Course I could load them all into a truck, ship them out west with our stuff and we could have a commune…. wonder if I could convince them?  And d/h.  He likes it out there, but I’d have to find something really good to trade to get him to go….. now that I think of it, I may have just the thing……  ANYway…..  Fireworks tonight, hopefully they’ll be good.  They usually are.  We’re gonna hang with some friends and share all the OOOOHHHHHing and AAAAHHHHHing.  Hopefully some more wine too.  Happily, it’s d/h’s night to drive .  (Just a thought here, but magickally speaking, this day holds enough ooomph in America to add a little boost to any spells or workings one might do to declare independence from someone or something in their lives.  Just imagine the added punch of finishing up during the finale of the local fireworks show!  If you try it, let me know.  I’d be interested to hear how it turns out.)  I hope you all get to have as much fun as I plan to.  Hang with friends and other loved ones, have a little wine, and be grateful to Ben Franklin and his Buddies for their backbone and foresight.  Maybe make a little tea if you’re up to it.


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