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5 Mar. 2009 a flashback to kindergarden….

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Or maybe not….
So someone set off the fire alarm at the libe today, not once, but twice!  Trying to evacuate an angry mob of folks from the place ins no mean feat, and definitely not for the faint of heart.  I mean, people had to leave the dvds without prep or warning, they had to stand around outside in the NICE weather and wait while we all tried to figure out what the fuck was going on….( Course my first instinct is always to save my own hide, so I was well on my way to the door when it occurred to me that there might not actually be a fire.  Go survival instinct, Go!!!)  So.  While out in the marvelous breezy eve, Beard and I got to get berated for being too stupid to figure out how to shut the thing off.  (We were at lunch for the first drill).  And listen as Miss Hyper spouted off possible reasons for the alarm and graciously call the fire department (as if they weren’t already on their fucking way, lalala we can’t hear you..) and then yammer on about nonsense and try to comfort people who just wished she’d go away.  Finally I went in to see what was what with all the grown-ups, and Revolutionaryreactionary was ranting and Mr Teacher was debating on going out and kicking the bitcher.  All in all, much fun was had and we got a recess (which was worth it all in the end….)  Best fun I’ve had at work in months.  Heehee.


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