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6 Aug. 2007 gross out potential here….

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Well folks, it’s soccer season again in my little piece of the world.  At least for the curtain climber in my life– I just go to watch him run around and sweat with the other kiddies while the coaches make a futile attempt to train them in the ways of teamwork and wing play– glad it’s not me, heehee.  And so sitting on the sidelines with the other parents I found myself the target of a vicious attack by the local ant colony.  I soon found, however, that I was not the only one being eaten alive– this must be the largest family of ants in existence.  Realising they’ve had the fields to themselves and have been having a mightily good ant-party all summer, I can’t really blame them for attempting to drive us away.  You’d think, though, that after years and years of the same pattern of use, the ants would be used to it.  They’d just go ‘well, it’s August, time to get ready for the invasion of the 2 leggeds’ and find a better party in the neighboring woods.  Evidently not.  Up and down the sidelines you could see adults slapping themselves and wiggling and waving bugs off.  Actually, it was a bit funny in retrospect. Somehow, though, we survived and departed slightly more bitten but still in good shape….. Only to arrive home to a dog who’d had some kind of major issue while we were gone.  Poor thing could barely walk, she’d puked and shat in her kennel (which she never does) and was generally making no sense at all.  Needless to say we were all freaked.  Having heard horror stories about parvo, I was terrified that’s what it was, and immediately started making calls to see what I could learn.  While waiting for the on-call vet to get back to us, D/Saint, in all his manliness, brought the kennel outside to hose it down, which is a really good thing, cause I got one whiff and had to go outside myself and hack in the process of trying not to puke on my own back porch.  Ugh.  When he tipped the contents out, there was white funk in the poo.  Oh, joy.  The vet called back and said it sounds like roundworms (eek) and to bring a sample to the clinic tomorrow to be sure, (apparently the description of ‘it looks a bit like spaghetti or ramen noodles’  was the clincher)– in the meantime, she gets to fast.  The dog, not the vet….  So now she’s walking and acting normal (I think, though, that she’s still pretty freaked- she won’t leave my side), but now I’m all paranoid about the whole worm thing.  More joy.  On the upside, I’m pretty sure it’s not parvo cause 1) the vet said worms and I think if she thought it was parvo she’d have told me, 2) my understanding of the disease is that once the shit hits the fan, it doesn’t stop till the dog is dead, 3) I won’t let it be (and naturally, this makes all the difference- right?)   So yay me, I get to take poo to the vet tomorrow!  And possibly a (?) sick dog too (not sure if they want her in til the worms are gone).  Woohoo!  Go me!

In other news… I learned an important lesson the other night!  When you consume about a pot of coffee (or it’s equivalent in tea) each day, it’s a really bad idea to skip it altogether for a day!  Yeah.  I got to wake up to the kind of headache that makes you wish it actually was someone beating your head with a ballbat, because it would have to stop when the person tired of beating your ass.  So, naturally, I medicated (with acetaminophen- think I spelled it right) which DID NOT work.  Then I went to bed and whimpered til d/h woke and agreed to rub my neck to ease the pain.  For the record– d/h has officially been upgraded to D/Saint.  He rubbed my neck for hours.  Literally.  I woke around 3:30 am, and he said it was light outside before I finally fell asleep and he could too.  I haven’t had a migraine since I was a kid, but that was close enough to be one (nausea and all), all started with a caffeine headache before bed that morphed while I wasn’t paying attention.  NEVER AGAIN PEOPLE!!!  I’d rather do a home lobotomy!  Looking for the silver lining there, I now know that if D/Saint won’t chuck me out the door for keeping him awake all night (in a really, really bad way), there’s not much I can do that’ll get me chucked out at all…  and it’s a good thing, cause I’d just follow him around and beg to be let in again.  –Now that I’ve made you all gag with my twee loviness–

No word yet on the job front.  I’ve decided to be all Zen-like about it and just let it go.  (Any of my Buddhist friends who’d like to play guru– I’m listening!  No kool-aid please though….wait, wrong group- sorry)  If it’s meant to happen, it will.  I’ve put it out to the Universe; for that matter, I’ve put it out to everyone who will listen.  So now I just need to wait and see.  I’m trying to work on the whole non- expectation thing here.  But it takes a bit of internal coaching–
‘I really really really hope they call today.’
‘ If they call that’s great, but let’s not get too hung up on it, go do laundry and don’t grasp at it.’
‘But what if they don’t call?’
‘Well then, you’re stuck at the grease pit till they do.’
‘Don’t worry, you’ll get over that.’
You get the idea.  So, I’m trying to wait without waiting, which sounds really confusing but isn’t when it’s what you’re doing.  (As if that makes any kind of sense…)  Oh well, I guess we’ll see how it plays out….
G’night y’all.


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